Smoothies, Teas and Lemonades: Summer is here!

Water’s great (stay hydrated!) but here are some drink alternatives for summer parties or just on your own.

You want something more than just water, but you know another soda isn’t the best option either. Here are some great choices for summer drinks to get you through the season.

The first is a sparkling raspberry tea.

In a large pitcher, mix together:

- 2 cups of cold brewed tea
- 2 cups of cold raspberry or cran-raspberry juice
- 2 cups of cold sparkling water

Serve it over ice. And, if you want to be even fancier, add a mint leaf or whole raspberries.


Warm weather calls for stellar beverages, and few drinks are as classically refreshing as homemade lemonade. If you’ve never made your own, you’re in for a treat. Just one cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice is enough for an entire pitcher of perfect lemonade!

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These simple smoothies are packed with vitamins, minerals and nutritious servings of fruit and vegetables. They’ll help get you through the day and maximize your energy – just the thing when you’re on the go!

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Create a fun family-style drink dispenser with a watermelon and a tap. Then, use the leftover fruit to make wholesome snacks.

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Whether you’re relaxing poolside, working hard in your garden or cheering for your kids from the sidelines – summer heat can always stand the cool refreshment (and caffeine kick) of a glass of iced tea.


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