Brunch: The Only Thing Better Than Lunch!

Easy brunch ideas for a make-ahead meal right in your home or backyard!

Why do we all like brunch so much? Is it the late morning coffee and croissants? The company? When given the choice of breakfast, brunch or lunch, brunch just has a certain ring to it. Most of us aren’t exactly brunch-ing every day, so it feels special to throw a weekend brunch date together with the friends and family you love spending time with.

It’s nearly summer, so why not go for it and craft just the right brunch experience?


First thing is first; we need to bring it when it comes to our brunch beverages. The usual suspects, orange juice, tomato juice and coffee are a start, but what about incorporating a unique twist on tea? Think berry-infused or herbal. Whatever you choose, make plenty of ice to go around (and don’t forget folks who enjoy a hot cup of tea – even in warm weather).


Layered yogurt parfaits are a must-have brunch treat. If you prep the fruit and gather the mix-ins in advance, your job is super easy come brunch time.

Kids and adults alike can’t resist the allure of a delicious yogurt parfait. It’s rich, creamy, sweet – and it’s packed full of protein (so you feel good about serving it).

Tip: Try prefilling decorative glasses with layers of yogurt and granola as a last minute step before guests arrive, or set up a buffet so guests may pick and choose from the toppings to top off their delicious (and nutritious) parfait!


Most of us think about waffles and our minds immediately flash to sweet, decadent squares. We think of thick and airy waffles, piled high with whipped cream and fruit, fresh maple syrup and even chocolate chips. But what about surprising your brunch guests with a savoury waffle selection? Spinach and cheese filled – with fried eggs and veggies – sandwiched between two waffles.

These won’t last long, so make plenty! They’re the perfect main course or side item for a seasonal soiree.


So you’re looking to take your brunch to new heights, without being overly formal (or adding a tremendous amount of work)? How does an easy three-course brunch sound? Your guests will feel extra special getting the commitment of three courses – but without the stress of what some multi-course meals take to make happen.

With just a little more prepping and choices on your end, you’ll take your typical brunch up a notch!


Whether you’re setting the table with a little more detail or want some added interest to your garden this year, it’s your brunch. Customize it. Make it yours. Basically, this is your chance to bring it!


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