6 Quick and Easy Brunch Recipes

Try one of these 6 tried-and-true brunch recipes that the whole family will enjoy!

Brunch: The Only Thing Better Than Lunch!

Why do we all like brunch so much? Is it the late morning coffee and croissants? The company we share it with? Or is it the ability to choose between breakfast and lunch?

Regardless, brunch just has a certain ring to it and makes for a special occasion to get family and friends together. Try one of these 6 tried-and-true recipes at your next gathering!


Jazz up Your Java

You can have plain old coffee any day of the week. Instead, try jazzing up your java with our 6 unique coffee flavourings!

Tip: You can even set up a coffee bar for your brunch guests, with different add-ins spread out buffet-style.



Make Your Own Parfait

Speaking of personalized brunch ideas, layered yogurt parfaits can be offered in a buffet too – which means less hassle for you! Just purchase and prep fruit, granola and other popular mix-ins ahead of time, lay out on a table and voila!

Tip: Try prefilling decorative glasses with layers of yogurt and granola as a last-minute step before guests arrive so they can simply top with fruit and enjoy.


French Toast Bread Pudding

You’ll likely be able to whip up this crowd-pleasing take on French toast with ingredients already in your pantry – saving you invaluable time … and energy!



Overnight Breakfast Bakes

Want to save even more time? Try making one of these overnight breakfast bakes. You can choose savoury, sweet and veggie – or even better, all three!



English Muffin Egg Sandwiches

There’s nothing quite like the classic combination of Canadian bacon, egg and American cheese served on a flaky English muffin. And these sandwiches can be ready to go in 15 minutes, tops!


Omelette in a Mug

Have you ever tried making an omelette … in a mug? If you haven’t, now’s the time! Simply scramble a few eggs in a mug, add your favourite fixings and let the microwave do all the work.

Tip: This recipe idea would also make for a great buffet.


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