Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Dessert Ideas

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Dessert Ideas

Embellish simple desserts with delectable chocolate hazelnut spread.

By: Jackie Bruchez

Pure chocolaty, hazelnut, silky goodness makes even the gloomiest days sunny. Discover these ideas to incorporate it into some goodies to really take them to the next level.

Take Banana Bread from Good to Gourmet
Swirl the spread over the top the loaf before baking for an improvement on both the flavour and appeal!

Whip up a Dessert Pizza
Bake your favourite sugar cookie dough into a 23-centimetre (9-inch) pizza round, spreading some luscious chocolate hazelnut spread over the top after it’s cooled. Top with some fresh fruit slices and watch guests go wild!

Blend up Savoury Milkshakes
Bring the restaurant home by serving up some fun chocolate hazelnut milkshakes on burger night. Simply blend some ice cream, chocolate hazelnut spread and a touch of milk together for an over-the-top tasty milkshake.

Pipe it in Crispy Pastry Dough
Fill precooked filo dough shells with the spread and top with strawberries for a beautiful dessert that is perfect for parties.


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Viva la France
Take your taste buds to France by smothering crepes and pancakes in the chocolate. Or, fill refrigerated croissant dough and bake for a homemade treat.

Bake Better Brownies
Turn standard brownies into a delicacy by adding dollops of hazelnut spread into the batter before baking.

Top the brownies with some pistachio gelato and an extra spoonful of chocolate hazelnut spread for the ultimate decedent twist.

Chocolate Hazelnut Embellishments
The spread is perfect for last-minute cravings when baking something is just out of the question. Spread some chocolate hazelnut spread on:

  1. Prebaked cookies and pastries
  2. Crackers with peanut butter
  3. Fresh fruit, especially strawberries, bananas and pears
  4. Ice cream

Tip: Chocolate hazelnut spread doesn’t have to be the star of the show! Blend it with peanut butter, cream cheese or frosting to elevate your desserts.

Jackie is a wife and mother of three living in Solana Beach, Calif. She is the author of the food blog The Seaside Baker, which focuses on delicious baked desserts and the occasional savoury dish. She loves to travel and is currently working on a cookbook featuring West Coast farmers and cuisine.

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