How to Select and Prepare Apples

Learn about the varieties of everyone’s favourite fall fruit and how best to prepare it.

Whether you prefer to eat apples raw and alone or love them in a pie, this guide can help you learn which variety is the best — for however you like your apples!

Stock up at your local farmers market — or better yet, pick them yourself at a nearby orchard.

1. Fuji
Imported from Japan, Fujis feature a yellowish-green skin striped in bright red. Its flesh is dense, tart and sweet, making it a yummy choice for homemade applesauce.

How to Select
The Fuji’s thick skin can come in many colours (some more striped than others), so don’t be put off by the varieties. Look for apples firm all around.

How to Prepare
Because the flesh is so dense, Fujis retain their shape and flavour well when cooked. Their mild, sweet taste make them perfect for fritters, pies and other baked apple treats. They’re also great raw or sliced up in a salad.

2. Golden Delicious
Hailing from West Virginia, this fall favourite features a pale yellow-green skin and crisp, sweet flavour.

How to Select
Maybe more than any other variety, try to find Golden Delicious apples fresh. When fresh, they should have a yellowish, golden-green colour and should be firm.

How to Prepare
Golden Delicious apples are extremely versatile. They make great applesauce and retain their shape when put into a pie, crumble or crisp.

3. Pink Lady
Also widely known as Cripps Pink, this Australian import sports a skin that ranges in colour from light blush to a deep, almost-red hue.

How to Select
Pink Ladies are renowned for their zesty flavour, so be sure to find fresh ones that have vibrant skin and firm flesh.

How to Prepare
A pick-me-up kind of variety, Pink Ladies are refreshingly flavourful with a crispy flesh that is best eaten raw. Slice them up and serve them with some cheese or even put them on top of pancakes for a wonderful breakfast treat.

4. Granny Smith
Large, juicy and tart, the Granny Smith is delicious, but it’s especially loved for its bright green colour.

How to Select
Choose Granny Smiths that have vibrant green skins (this also helps you spot any bruising) and a firm feel. Late-harvest Granny Smiths have a yellowish tint to their skins, but they are just as tasty.

How to Prepare
Because they’re so tart, Granny Smiths do well paired with the creamier, sweet varieties when used in baked goods. Use Granny Smith apple slices in salads or with deep-flavoured, savoury cheeses. The flesh of this variety is also slow to brown, so don’t worry about using fresh ones often!

Or, you can make a decadent caramel apple cinnamon roll with them!

5. Braeburn
Medium-large in size and varying in colour, Braeburns are firm and have a good balance of sweetness and tartness.

How to Select
Braeburns naturally have something of a “washed-out” looking skin that can range from green-gold to red. As always, choose a firm one when selecting a Braeburn.

How to Prepare
Braeburns hold their shape well when cooked and add a touch of sweetness in breads, sauces, salads, or when paired with cheese. These apples also work well with pork.

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