Surprising Uses for Ice Cube Trays (and Ice Cubes)

You may have never thought to use an ice cube tray for that!

Most moms I know don’t have a lot of spare time to try out every new hack and kitchen trick on trend today. In fact, if I don’t hear it from the mouths of other women in the trenches, I’m less likely to try it.

So I’m going to save you the pain of encountering one more idea you don’t have time for. Because this one is actually worth it–and chances are you have everything you need to make it worth your while right now.

If you’re all about playful, shaped ice cubes and swanky giant ice to impress guests, this article may not be what you had in mind. Here, we’re focusing on quick and easy ways you and your family can use ice cubes and their trays to cut corners in the prep and execution of daily life.

So stick with me, you’re going to want to try some.

Ice Tray Play
Standard ice cube trays can be used to spice up drinks, make sweets and even save and store leftover sauces and savouries. The possibilities are endless for this cool freezer trick. (Just be sure to use silicone ice trays, as they’re non-stick).

Some tray tricks to try:

  • Freeze leftover sauces and stock in a tray, and then put them in a freezer bag for safekeeping.
  • Freeze hard herbs (sage, rosemary, thyme and oregano) in a cube of olive oil. That way you've got an instant dish starter for your roast, stew or pan-fried dish. Throw a couple of these cubes into your soup for instant flavour!
  • Individual cookie dough freezes up nicely in your standard ice cube tray. It’s easy to pull out a few servings at a time for after meals without cooking up the entire batch.
  • If you have little ones — especially picky eaters — use the tray to offer a sampling of various fruits and vegetables. Let them pick the ones they want, and ignore the ones they don’t.
  • Got a sweet tooth? Fill the cube opening halfway with some melted semi-sweet chocolate, and then put a strawberry in the middle for a decadent treat. Leave the tray in the refrigerator to let the chocolate set.
  • Your very own peanut butter cups can be formed as well, using the tray as a mould! Layer melted chocolate and peanut butter together and refrigerate until set.

Try Flavour-infused Ice Cubes

  • Freeze fruit juice for flavoured ice cubes to add to club sodas and clear soft drinks.
  • Add chocolate ice cubes to a glass of milk for something sweet.
  • Freeze lemonade (and maybe even add a few blueberries to each cube) for a delicious addition to a glass of iced tea.

Clever Cube Storage
Ice cube trays happen to be an ideal place to store small items.

  • Stow earrings and other jewellery in trays, and stack them to save space.
  • Think about your kids’ knick-knacks. Keep them organized and off the floor in repurposed ice cube trays.
  • The man of the house can even play along. Organize screws, nails and other small tool parts in the tray openings.

Do you have any refreshing ways to use your ice cube trays? Share them with the community in the comments below!


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