Tips for Using Chalkboard Paint and Magnetic Primer

Take to-do lists and schedules to a whole new level with chalkboard paint.

Sometimes things just feel more organized and easy to understand when they’re laid out in black and white. The availability of chalkboard paint and magnetic primer at home improvement stores makes it so easy for you to organize your daily life and decorate your home in modern and practical ways. Check out these ideas and suggestions for adding functional and beautiful paint in areas and on objects all over your home.

Chalkboard Paint Details
Chalkboards aren’t just for schoolrooms anymore — chalkboard paint makes it easy to create writeable surfaces all over your home. Most chalkboard paint can be used on metal, wood, masonry, plaster, glass and concrete.

Tip: Allow your chalkboard painted area or item to dry for three days. Once dry, prepare the surface for use by rubbing a side of chalk over the entire surface, and then erasing it thoroughly.

Magnetic Primer Facts
Magnetic Primer typically comes as a dark grey or black base coat and allows you to create a magnetic surface just about anywhere you please. It can be used on all of the same surfaces as chalkboard paint and can be used as a base under chalkboard paint or any latex paint. Once finished, hang notes, lists, photographs and more.

Tip: Magnetic primer is not quite as strong as your typical magnetic surface, so make sure to apply two to three coats of the primer and just two topcoats for the best attraction. Look for flat, lightweight magnets with strong attraction for posting your items on your magnetic area.

Inspirationally Organized
Organization doesn’t always have to be strict and orderly. It can be fun to insert a little creativity into your day-to-day organization and planning. And why not give your décor a jumpstart with these ideas — all with the help of simply classic chalkboard paint and magnetic primer.

Framed Message Centre
Utilize a large antique-style frame, old painting or mirror with an ornate frame to create a stylish message centre using both magnetic primer and chalkboard paint. Paint the frame bright white for a classically timeless look. If using a frame only, have a piece of lightweight wood cut-to-size at your local hardware store. Use a roller to apply two to three coats of magnetic primer and let dry for several hours. Next, add your chalkboard topcoats. Once both the frame and wood are completely dry, mount the painted wood behind the frame.

You can paint directly onto a mirror or painting if you’re using one as your base, but the magnetic attraction could be weaker. If you love the frame, you can also consider just removing the mirror or artwork and use the same technique detailed above.

Once your chalkboard masterpiece is complete, hang it up for all to see. Make it a family message centre near the phone or in the home office or hang it in the entryway for leaving quick notes and important reminders. It also makes a great tool for planning your weekly meals. Simply display it in your kitchen, record your menu for the week and tack up any recipes or coupons you’ll need with magnets.

Chalkboard Paint Mural
Paint outside the box and create a writeable surface that also serves a decorative purpose. For example — try painting organic shapes or create a mural, like an outdoor landscape with chalkboard trees and clouds.

Use stencils or lightly draw your shapes freehand with a pencil. Tape off your design, and add a few layers of magnetic primer before the chalkboard paint for a doubly useful and fun surface. It makes the perfect addition to a family room or kid’s room, but you can also use it to decorate the walls of an office or craft area. Use it for jotting down ideas and posting inspiration whenever it strikes.

Lovely Labels
Paint a square or rectangle of chalkboard paint on your organizational items and you’ve got an instantly changeable label for all of your bins, jars and containers.

Table Top Solution
Give an old tabletop a functional new look. Sand and paint an aged tabletop with chalkboard paint for drawing, quick notes and impromptu games of tic-tac-toe. Or make a bold, quirky statement by painting the top of a dining room table so family and friends can doodle while they wait for dinner. You can even create an easy seating chart for dinner party guests by writing names at each place setting.

Instant Art
Create a changeable focal point on an accent wall, and use a combination of chalkboard paint and magnetic primer to display photos or create affordable art that can be updated whenever you like. Even guests can leave their mark while visiting!

Door Detail
Chalkboard paint can really be used anywhere and everywhere in your home. Even doors can get the chalkboard treatment.

Chalkboard paint and magnetic primer are truly versatile mediums that can help create instant organization and decoration throughout your home. Just look at your surfaces with a creative eye and don’t be afraid to think big!



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