The Upside of Upcycling

Transform everyday items you already have into something unique and useful.

Upcycling is the trend of taking old or unused items in your home and refurbishing them to make something practical or beautiful. It’s a great activity to get the kids or grandkids involved with, while also turning something you might have thrown out into something you can use! Here are a few of our favourite upcycling projects.


If you are new to upcycling, it helps to start small. Maybe your child or grandchild has a whole collection of animal toys that they never play with. Instead of getting rid of them, turn them into DIY bookends. We also have ideas on how to use rocks, bricks and even Mason jars. It’s amazing how something so small can feel like such a huge accomplishment — plus it helps with organizing too.


This article has great ideas, like taking the old boxes in your closet and using them to organize your electrical cords, or how to make a charging caddy out of an empty shampoo bottle. You’ll be shocked how much cleaner your home feels without nests of wires everywhere, and you’ll feel good about reusing the materials.


Have a set of decorative teacups? Maybe you inherited them from your grandmother or picked them up at a yard sale (because they were obviously too cute to pass up)? If you’re looking for a way to do more with them than leave them in a cabinet, upcycle them with these 7 easy, practical uses for decorative teacups.


Another great thing about upcycling items is that it helps you get around to replacing those things that aren’t quite broken yet. This idea to use an old shower caddy as a hanging planter is a great way to get around to replacing your old one. Plus, it’s a great excuse to beautify your garden and get your hands dirty!


And while we’re on the topic of unique and wonderful ways to add upcycled pieces to the garden, here are a few other ideas that can really make your outdoor space shine. It covers everything from furniture and construction materials to an old canoe. Yep, really.

Have you found a new way to use anything in your home lately? Share your upcycling ideas in the comments below.


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