6 Summertime Money-saving Tips for Your Home

6 Summertime Money-saving Tips for Your Home

Learn how to save some green around your home with our 6 money-saving tips.

Saving money around the house can be surprisingly satisfying, whether you’re on a fixed income, pension, or simply have more time now to invest in your day-to-day routine than you used to. These super-simple money-saving tips are a great place to begin.

1. Grow Your Own Salad Greens and Herbs

It’s the season for fragrant, delicious greens. Growing your own salad greens and herbs in your garden will ensure your salads are fresh and packed with nutrients. Plant several varieties at once, and within a few weeks you’ll be able to pick fresh greens daily.

Sow seeds directly into the soil in a raised bed or in containers filled with multipurpose compost. Red kale, rocket, coriander and dandelion are all abundant growers and very tasty.

2. Run the Dishwasher

If you have an energy-efficient dishwasher, you’re wasting time, water and energy washing dishes by hand. Handwashing can use 27 gallons of water, while an energy-efficient dishwasher uses just 3 gallons for a load. You’ll save on energy, too, as the dishwasher uses only around a third as much. Simply scrape off food scraps before you load the machine and add a Cascade Platinum ActionPac to each load for sparkling clean dishes (even in shorter wash cycles) and a fresher, cleaner dishwasher.

3. Invest in a Rain Barrel

Your water consumption can increase during the summer months – gardens, lawns and flowerbeds need more frequent watering. In addition to adopting some simple water conservation habits – like watering in the morning and evening, when water will evaporate more slowly – you can also use a rain barrel to collect rainwater and use it to water your yard and plants.

Residential rain barrels typically hold about 15 gallons of water, and you’d be surprised how quickly they can fill up. Depending on the design of your rain barrel, you can collect water from the barrel in a watering can, or run a hose from the barrel to other areas of your yard.

4. Use a Ceiling Fan with Your Air-conditioning System

Fans use less energy than air-conditioning units and circulate air more efficiently, so you can run the AC for less time and still stay cooler for longer. Remember to shut all the doors and windows unless you want to cool off the whole street! And turn the air conditioning off when you leave the room for long periods – contrary to popular belief, it saves more energy and money than leaving it on low all the time.

5. Go Solar

Solar energy is an increasingly popular way to power our homes, and it’s not just for those who live in sunnier regions. Renewable energy benefits include significant savings on your monthly bills (some companies claim you can reduce them by up to 50%), and incentives that can help you recoup the money spent on your initial investment. You can also make what’s known as a passive income, earning money from any excess energy generated by your solar panels that’s exported to the national grid. It’s well worth looking into.

6. Air-dry Your Clothes

Give your tumble dryer the summer off and line-dry your clothes instead. We love our tumble dryers, but they use a lot of energy (2,400W per hour versus 700W for the washing machine). If you’re a city dweller, try a detergent with a fresh, clean scent to give air-dried laundry the essence of the great outdoors.

Tip: Washing your clothing in cold water instead of warm can also reduce your energy consumption. To ensure your clothes still get clean, wash them with Tide Plus Coldwater Clean, which is specially formulated for cold water conditions, giving you brilliant color protection and using 50% less energy when you switch loads from warm to cold.

Whether you try something new or use your existing resources in a new way, adopting the mindset of trying to save money can be fun – and even addictive!

If you’ve got any other ingenious home hacks that help save money, let us know in the comments section below.


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