Shifting Your Perspective

Make the most of what you have and reinvent your living space for a new perspective.

It feels like we may be getting somewhere: football season has wrapped up, and Valentine’s Day was a real success this year because I didn’t work so hard. I could actually enjoy the love. Instead of handmade everything, the four of us stayed in and made our own decorations, hot cocoa and ordered in pizza. I consider that a success.

But now, when I look outside, all I see is grey … for days. My big decision this morning was whether to walk the dog in rain boots or sneakers.

Yeah, I’m in need of some change of scenery and perspective. Something that will move the needle inside of me a little bit closer to the brightness of spring. She feels so close, yet so far. Sigh.


My best friend says she likes to reimagine her home space when she can’t get outside and soak up the sun. I think it’s worth a shot. So I’ve decided to change the way we look at things within our home – one throw pillow, one wall and one beanbag at a time.

We’re starting with the living room. It’s where we spend the majority of our time as it’s connected to the kitchen, so it’s not unusual to find toys and electronics strewn about. Pulling in my oldest child, I think we can sketch out a couple of different options for the furniture and flow. Let’s make the most of what we’ve got, shall we?


I grabbed our nine-year-old and a sheet of graph paper to think through our strategy. We sketched out a plan for the living room, and decided to add an accent wall for a little flair to pull us out of all of this grey haze of winter.

The four of us voted, and the far wall was the winner. My husband tossed around the idea of a wood accent wall for extra texture and a cozy quality. But ultimately, we went with a coordinating paint colour to work with the existing stone fireplace.

Adding an accent wall isn’t a huge time (or financial) commitment, yet it feels like a lot of impact. With a brand new layout, an accent wall and some basic organization that has been neglected, I’ll be honest; I’m feeling pretty good about the living room!

How have you redecorated your living room?


Before we tackled the accent wall, I wanted to get a deeper clean under the furniture we pulled aside. There were more dust bunnies hiding under the sofa than I had imagined, but it’s nothing the Swiffer couldn’t tackle quickly.

I asked my co-captains to wipe down the baseboards with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The living room is indeed looking shiny and bright – ready for the new wall!


Moving furniture isn’t half as bad as we thought it would be (especially with help from my husband and the neighbour). And it really revealed what I need to hit hard when spring cleaning rolls around …

In fact, when we tackled the master bedroom, we simply repositioned the bed and gave it a fresh new look. I wanted to add an airy, lighter quality to the room, so we chose a colour palette of white, yellow taupe and a hint of a muted turquoise for a spring sensibility. Our room has never been more serene!

Share how you reposition your furniture to mix up your space!


Speaking of calming, my daughter decided to get crafty and repurpose an old silk plant for curtain décor! We stuck with white sheers in the sunroom, but we added a touch of nature to truly set the windows off!

Have you repurposed old curtains? Tell us how.


After tackling multiple rooms in our house, I wanted to add a little spark to the kitchen (after all, I spend plenty of time there).

In the past, I’d been a little shy about using red in our home décor. But now that I’ve added some pops of red to our black-and-white kitchen, it feels less stark and lonely. My daughter even thinks it adds a “fun” vibe …

So if you’re looking for the easiest route to getting that touch of spring, add a pop of colour (and you don’t even have to paint!). Think curtains, bedding and other textiles and accessories to breathe new life into your home.

How do you add a splash of colour without painting?


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