9 Quick Tips to Organize Décor for Fall

Use these 9 tips to pack away the summer and gear up for a fun-filled autumn.

Break the cycle of seasonal clutter once and for all by taking a new approach to storage. By organizing your things and packing them away neatly, unpacking them will be that much easier next year.

Coordinate Garment Bags
By coordinating your garment bags, you can keep a variety of seasonal garments, like summery office attire, organized and safe from the environment and pests.

Keep an eye out for fabric garment bags — they let clothes breathe and protect materials without holding in moisture like plastic bags.

Organize by Colour or Pattern
Use different colours or patterns for your garment bag covers to represent the varying contents of each bag or what belongs to each family member.

You can also colour-code items by using different coloured coat hangers for each family member or type of item.

Organize by Use
As cooler weather approaches, pull sweaters and warmer clothes to the most accessible area of your closet.

Organize your coat closet by moving heavy coats to the back of your closet (or to one side away from the doors) and light jackets and sweaters front and centre so they’re easily accessible for all.

Organize Seasonal Décor and More
From Halloween decorations to festive garlands, seasonal items often get piled together in boxes until the next year. Break the organization down even further so you know what box has what. It’s a simple concept, but it could help you out more than you think!

Fall Décor
Use one container for fall-themed décor like wreaths, swags or gourds that are appropriate for the entire season and a separate one for Halloween-specific items. Consider adding sheets of cardboard within plastic bins to create layers that will help you get the most out of the height of your container. Support the cardboard layers with shoeboxes and store smaller items in them as well.

Tablecloths and Napkins
Minimize creases by folding tablecloths into a long, thin strip and lay your napkins on top of it, folding them as few times as necessary to fit within the width of the folded tablecloth. Then, roll up your table linens around a paper towel roll for a storage solution that cuts down on creases and next year’s ironing.

You can also store linens by hanging them inside your seasonal garment bags.

Fall Craft Supplies
Consider storing seasonal craft supplies with the rest of your storage containers for fall. When you pull out the autumn décor, seeing your seasonal craft supplies might even inspire you to get crafty!

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