Organizing Hacks: Unexpected, Ingenious Solutions

Take dish racks out of the kitchen, flowerpots out of the garden and much more with these ideas.

Take an old dish rack (or buy a new one — the 3 is worth losing the headache) and place it wherever papers pike up. Use the slots reserved for plates to sort mail (bills in one, letters in the another, coupons in another, you get the idea) and the slot for utensils for pens, pencils and supplies.

Tip: You could go really crazy and download our free folder organization system to colour coordinate everything. We won’t judge.


Green thumb or not, you can use flowerpots to control the chaos while adding style and whimsy. With colours and sizes for all styles and spaces, you’ll wonder how you ever organized without them. Plus, they’re endlessly reusable.

Check out how to organize with flowerpots.


Somewhere — likely in the back of your “miscellaneous” drawer — is a bag of clothespins just waiting to be used. Our seven ideas will help you transform these inexpensive everyday items into invaluable helpers around the house.

Check out these 7 ways to organize with clothespins.


Take magnets beyond the refrigerator door by using them to organize everything from keys to cookware. Check out these tips for a few easy and creative ways to use magnets to simplify your home.


Turn always-present tissue boxes into repurposed organizers. In the spirit of recycling and reusing, don’t throw away these perfectly shaped boxes. See how you can use tissue boxes to store and organize around the house.


Installing traditional pot racks in the ceiling is a fine option, but it’s not your only choice. There are other creative ways to hang up pots and pans. Here are four simple ideas for using items already in your home or inexpensive tools and supplies.


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