How to Organize Your Home with Flowerpots

Organize in every room of your home with simple flowerpots of all sizes.

Green thumb or not, you can use flowerpots to control the chaos while adding style and whimsy. With colours and sizes for all styles and spaces, you’ll wonder how you ever organized without them. Plus, they’re endlessly reusable.

Bathroom Odds and Ends
Group a variety of flowerpot sizes together for a stylish vignette – glazed pots are perfect because they’re easy to wipe clean – and three or more of the same size in a row can make the most of a small shelf or windowsill.

Small-to-medium pots are especially useful for toothbrushes, toothpaste, makeup brushes, cotton balls, swabs and pads, and hairbrushes and combs. And don’t forget about the saucers! They’ll match perfectly and are great for holding bobby pins, hair ties, jewellery and bars of soap.

Tip: A medium-to-large flowerpot is a practical (and safe) place to store hot flat irons or curling irons while they’re in use – and to stow them when they’re turned off.

Pots-sitively Entertaining
Flowerpots are great for setting your table, particularly for outdoor dining and entertaining. Here are a few simple ways to put them to use:

  • Fill a large glazed pot with ice and use it to chill soda and bottled water. Just remember if there’s a drainage hole, you may want a saucer underneath.
  • Use small pots to hold forks, knives, spoons, napkins, straws, etc. You can mix the utensils together and place one every few seats, or separate them out by type and put them at the start of a buffet. Decorate them with ribbons or chalkboard labels for a little something extra.
  • Short on table space? Find a large flowerpot with a matching saucer. Place the saucer in the top opening of the pot to create a table – with storage inside!

Tip: You’ll want to check that the pot and its saucer fit properly in the store, then paint away to make it fit your personal style. Now you have an outdoor side table!

Workplace Whimsy
Whether it’s your space or your kid’s, flowerpots are perfectly suited to organizing where you work. Try them (in small and medium sizes) for:

  • Pens, markers and pencils
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paperclips and binder clips
  • Scrap paper, index cards and note card

Contain the Clutter
No matter how hard you try, there are certain items that always seem to get in the way. No longer!

  • Use a large (think decorative here) flowerpot to hold umbrellas right inside your door. They work well for sunscreen and other things you need to grab on your way out the door too.
  • Make a phone charging station with a wide pot (look for one on the shallow side, rather than deep) that has a drainage hole. Plug the chargers into the wall and bring the cords up through the hole. Plug your devices in and ta-da!
  • Kids’ toys taking over? Toss ’em in a pot! Think dolls, wood blocks, dress-up clothes, miniature cars – just make sure there’s no drainage hole if you’re storing small toys.

Experiment with colour and mixing-and-matching styles and sizes – but mostly, have fun with a simple way to get organized!


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