Organize Under the Bed

Turn the space under the bed from clutter into an organized, functional space.

By: Megan Arquette

Go behind the dust ruffles to find a great space ready to store everything from holiday wrapping paper to out-of-season clothing. The key difference between making your under-bed space a well-organized storage unit instead of a dust refuge is in how you house and delegate your valuables. Check out these tips to make the space a functional area that you won’t be able to live without! are some tips.

  1. Designate items you’re more likely to need according to the season. During summer, move sweaters to the inside of the square area, and line shoes around the outside for easy reach.
  2. Use old shoeboxes as storage for smaller things like photos, winter socks and small seasonal decorations that only come out once a year.
  3. Make your own decorative boxes with inexpensive cotton fabrics and spray adhesive.
  4. Add wheels to drawers, and then use them for in-and-out ease under the bed.
  5. Check in at paint stores periodically to gather wallpaper-shipping boxes. They make great organizers for wrapping paper rolls and posters.

Tip: To make boxes a bit more festive, wrap them in wrapping paper or wallpaper samples, then apply spray adhesive.

Megan is a Los Angeles-based interior designer and creator of the design blog Beach Bungalow 8. Her design work and freelance writing has appeared in several national design publications. Megan currently lives in a bungalow at the beach with her husband, two kids, three dogs and five fish.


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