One Mom’s Take on a Spring Clean

Get a game plan and clean smarter (not harder) this spring-cleaning season.

When it comes to spring cleaning, sometimes I do a little – and sometimes I get a burst of energy on a rainy Saturday and do a little more. The beauty of spring cleaning, for me, is the cleaning-out part. De-clutter. Out with the old (if you know what I mean).


Feeling better about the first floor of the house than I have in a while. We’ve cleaned out the two closets, and I’ve placed all of the boys’ random things in individual bins. They just have to finish sorting what they want to keep before our donation day on Saturday. And if they forget (or choose not) to take a dive into the bin, I’m pretty sure I can make the call.


We take things one floor at a time in our house. (So typically the second floor is a little later to get cleaned). And that’s perfectly fine – especially since no one really uses that floor (except for when we’re sleeping). But the first floor full bathroom does indeed get its fair share of use – maybe more, actually. We take turns hitting the surfaces weekly, but even when I like to do a full-on deep clean and break out the big dogs, I still reach for my trusted Mr. Clean Disinfecting Bath Cleaner with Febreze Freshness.

Spring cleaning is a little reminder that we are due.


Before we hit the floors, or even the inside of the fridge, we tackled those hard to get places with the Swiffer Duster. Blinds, corners of the room and even where the ceiling meets the wall – the Swiffer 360 Duster can reach them all!


Since we’re focusing on the first floor this go-round, I’ve made it a priority to hit the kitchen hard. The two teenagers are in charge of the refrigerator – especially since they tend to eat the most food and have a lot of ideas for how to make it work harder for us. We are reorganizing and scrubbing that baby! So I’ve given them the reigns (and the Bounty paper towels), so we’ll see if I can actually find anything when they’re finished.


Staying true to our first floor (and kitchen) efforts, I took on the pantry since I do most of the cooking. I hadn’t realized how much lives in here – my mixer, rice cooker and food processor, among other kitchen gadgets piled in absolute disorder. With new shelves and more thoughtful organizing, I think I’m going to enjoy knowing where everything is –from pasta to canned goods and all that’s in between.


Maybe we didn’t manage to wipe down every nook and cranny, but we’re feeling pretty good about the state of affairs on the first floor. Oh! And speaking of floors, they are bright and shiny (thanks to my husband’s contribution). See, a little teamwork does go a long way…

The boys have managed to organize their favourite drinks in the fridge, and we have quite a donation to make this weekend. Of course, there’s always more we could be doing, but we’re calling it for now. We’ll have another rainy weekend before long, and just maybe, we’ll make our way upstairs … or maybe we won’t.


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