6 Creative Ways to Organize Yarn

Tired of the tangle? Use these 6 simple, quick ideas to organize yarn.

By: Rae Friis

If you’ve just picked up a new hobby that involves yarn (like knitting), chances are you’ve dealt with the dreaded tangle. Here are six creative ways to keep yarn organized and avoid an unwanted lesson in patience.

1. Lidded Jars
Pick up a set up at the grocery or thrift store and create a functional and decorative storage system.

Jar with metal lid (one for each colour)
Roofing nail (or any large, thicker nail)


  1. Punch hole in jar lid using a nail and hammer, remove nail
  2. Place yarn in jar and thread it through hole
  3. Repeat until all balls of yarn are stored

The next time you have a moment to knit or craft with yarn, just grab the colours you want and avoid all the tangles!

2. Vintage Spools
Keep your eyes peeled for old wooden spools the next time you’re at a vintage or thrift store. They’re tall enough to fit an entire bundle of yarn and look tidy and stylish placed next to each other on a shelf.

3. Hanging Shoe Organizer
The pockets on a shoe organizer are the perfect size to keep bundles of yarn separate and untangled. Hang one from the inside of a craft closet and get busy filling the pockets.

Tip: Try color-coding the yarn for easier access! Start with the lightest colour in the top left corner of the shoe organizer and move lighter in each compartment to the right.

4. Clothespins
Tame small strands of yarn that tangle or get lost easily by pinching one end in a clothespin and winding the rest of the yarn around.

Tip: Once you have a little collection of yarn-wrapped clothespins, place them into a jar or vase together for an adorable, functional decoration.

5. Flowerpots
Small terracotta pots are the perfect solution for storing yarn:

  • Thread a long strand of yarn through the hole in the bottom of the pot and place it upside down over the bundle.
  • Use craft paint and decorate your new terracotta storage system.

6. DIY Yarn Display
Use yarn balls as fun decorations. It’s an easy (and inexpensive) way to add texture, colour and character to any room.

  1. Start wrapping yarn around a small piece of cardboard into the shape of a ball
  2. Repeat with other colours of yarn to create five to six balls
  3. Fill a large glass vase, apothecary jar, pretty basket or bowl and pair them together on shelves or furniture

Tip: Pick colours that complement each other or that make a pattern. For a stylish and simple idea, try displaying colours that create an ombre look.

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Rae is a graphic designer and the creative director of Armommy.com. She spends her days working from home — usually with any one of her four lovely (and rambunctious) kids hanging on her side. She enjoys creating everyday adventures with her munchkins using ordinary things and making them extraordinary. Oh, and she also really loves clothes, chocolate, her husband, and her cell phone (in no particular order).


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