How to Load a Dishwasher

Learn the how to load your dishwasher for a thorough clean.

There’s your way to load the dishwasher. There’s my way to load the dishwasher. And there’s the right way to load the dishwasher. A dishwasher loaded correctly cleans better, so you can avoid recleaning. Here’s what to do to get your dishes clean the first time.

1. Remove Excess Food
Using a wooden spatula, scrape off as much stuck-on food from your dishes as you can muster into the garbage. Think of it as a gym workout.

Remove excess food from dishes

2. Skip the Pre-Rinse
When using a premium ActionPac, it’s not necessary to pre-rinse or pre-wash items you are putting into the dishwasher.

3. Load the Bottom Rack
Put plates and messy pots and pans on the bottom rack facing the water source. Typically, the water source is in the center of the machine.

4. Load the Top Rack
Place cups, mugs, and bowls face down on the top rack. This way they’ll get cleaned better and won’t collect water.

Load your dishwasher correctly

5. Prevent Melting Plasticware
Plasticware also belongs on the top rack. Temperatures typically remain cooler on the top rack, which will prevent it from melting.

6. Load the Silverware Basket
Mix up the silverware compartments by distributing different types of utensils evenly to prevent nesting. You don’t want your spoons to spoon.

7. Save Your Skin
Sharp cutlery and utensils should always be loaded face down. Knives are meant for cutting cheese, not your fingers.

Cleaning knives and cutlery

8. Use Cascade Platinum
For best results, use a premium ActionPac. With dry hands, carefully place a premium ActionPac into your dishwasher’s dry detergent dispenser.

You’re done! That should take a load off.

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