6 Tips to Get Your Home Guest-Ready: Get Your Hosting Skills On

6 Tips to Get Your Home Guest-Ready: Get Your Hosting Skills On


Hate when unexpected guests drop in? Febreze can help you get guest-ready.

Hate cleaning? Use visiting neighbours or in-laws as motivation. Heck, even the mailman will do. A clean home is a gift for your guests. Here are six foolproof tips to spare your visitors from the stuffy-house odours.

1. Tackle the Top Two

Guests rarely wander into your bedroom or garage. (If your friends are that nosy, lock your doors.) Focus on sprucing up the kitchen and bathroom: two high-traffic zones with a reputation for stink. Set up a Febreze SMALL SPACES near your toilet tank to eliminate odours, and another near your kitchen trashcan for a whiff of freshness.

2. A Pluggable Makes Scents

First impressions matter. Hit your guests with freshness as soon as they walk in the door with your favourite Febreze PLUG in the entryway. The best part? One Febreze PLUG provides two alternating scents for up to 45 days of coming and going.

Guest ready

3. Make Room for Conversation

A clutter-free space gives guests the go-ahead to stay and chat. Avoid distracting junk pileups by making a home base for every item to return to when the doorbell rings. Not sure where to start? Take a picture of your room, then tackle the parts you wouldn’t post to Facebook.

4. Mist Things Up

Embrace your inner interior decorator. Pull furniture out of its usual spot and give vacuum attachments a workout on neglected floors and corners. Take the opportunity to freshen your fabric pieces with a little Febreze FABRIC. Then put everything back—a little differently. A table lamp swap. An angled sofa. A throw pillow with a pop of colour. It all makes for great conversation when company arrives.

5. Details, Details

Turn up the good vibes in your home with a fab finishing touch. Think fresh cut flowers in your foyer or a group of Febreze Candles on a coffee table. Feeling crafty? You can add your own sparkle to the odour-eliminating shine by gluing pretty ribbons or buttons to the base of your candles.

6. Activate the Emergency Odour Solution

Drop-in guests and no time to clean? Eliminate odours in an instant. When the doorbell rings, spray Febreze AIR in any (or every) room before answering the door. Any one of our 20+ scents is an instant welcome wagon.


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