How to Fold Anything

Learn the proper way to fold scarves, bed sheets (even fitted!), jeans and more.

By: Camille Simmons

One of the easiest ways to keep a room, closet or dresser organized is with proper folding. It is tempting to just stuff clothes and linens in a cabinet or drawer in the midst of hurry. Yet, it’s terrible when you need to wear a blouse and it’s full of wrinkles and creases — in desperate need of a good ironing. Save yourself time and frustration by folding properly in the first place! Here are easy-to-follow steps for folding everything.

1. Bath Towels
It’s important to understand how much space you have to store towels. Do you have a large linen cabinet or only a towel rack? The storage space determines your folding technique. Try any of these:

  1. Take your towel and hold vertically (the long way)
  2. Fold one long side inwards a little past halfway
  3. With the other side, fold until the corner lines up with the folded edge
  4. After the towel is folded into thirds, fold horizontally as many times as needed to fit into cabinet, shelf or towel rack

Tip: If you really have a tight cubby for your towels, roll the towel up after folding into thirds. You can stack several into a small space or drawer.

2. Jeans
Denim is fairly easy to fold since wrinkles are tough to create. Jeans are often bulky and can take up precious drawer space, so proper folding can save lots of closet space.

Pocket on top:

  1. Fold the pant leg up so the bottom hits close to the back pocket
  2. Fold the top back over it, so the waistline and back pocket are visible
  3. Stack on a shelf or in a drawer. If you stack them with the folded crease facing out, your pile of denim will look neat and tidy

Tip: Roll jeans if they won’t fit in a storage space. If that doesn’t work, fold in half and hang in your closet.

3. T-Shirts
T-shirts are all slightly different, so the most successful folding process really depends on how the top is made. Try either of these tricks for folding shirts.

  • Fold in the sleeves towards the back of the shirt. Then, fold in half and store flat.
  • Fold the shirt in half, lining up the corners of each sleeve. Fold in half again into quarters and store.

4. Bed Sheets: Top Sheets
Because of their large size, folding sheets can be quite difficult. If you don’t have a helping hand while you are folding, use the bed as a flat surface. Fold the top sheet in halves until it reaches a size that fits in your linen cabinet or drawer.

Bed Sheets: Fitted Sheets

  1. Hold sheet lengthwise, taking one corner in each hand
  2. Place right-hand corner over the corner in your left hand. Hold both corners in left hand
  3. Use right hand to grab an untucked corner from the bottom. Pull it over the first two corners. Repeat with the remaining corner
  4. Lay the sheet on flat surface and fold to form a rectangle with one curved corner (where the fitted sections are bunched up)
  5. Fold sheet into thirds width-wise, making sure corners are folded together
  6. Fold into thirds lengthwise to finish

Depending on the material, scarves can easily be rolled, tied into a twist or hung up in a closet. Cashmere, wool, 100 percept cotton and other fabrics that wrinkle should be folded into neat squares (may take a few folds for longer scarves). They look organized stacked neatly in a drawer or shelf.

Tip: These folding tricks also work for traveling! They can help save space in a suitcase and make room for great souvenirs.

Camille is a Bay Area-based planning and decorating expert. She is the creator of Planning Pretty, a lifestyle site dedicated to sharing easy, affordable and pretty ideas for everyday living.



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