How to Fold a Fitted Bed Sheet

How to Fold a Fitted Bed Sheet

Save time in the laundry room with our simple sheet-folding instructions.

By: Kirsten Grove

Perhaps the most frustrating thing that comes out of the dryer or off the clothesline, a fitted sheet can be a real pain to fold. But that all ends today! Check out our six-step technique that’ll keep all your sheets together, pristine and neatly stored.

  1. Hold sheet lengthwise, taking one corner in each hand.
  2. Place right-hand corner over the corner in your left hand. Hold both corners in left hand.

  3. Use right hand to grab an untucked corner from the bottom. Pull it over the first two corners. Repeat with the remaining corner.

  4. Lay the sheet on flat surface and fold to form a rectangle with one curved corner (where the fitted sections are bunched up).
  5. Fold sheet into thirds width-wise, making sure corners are folded together.

  6. Fold into thirds lengthwise to finish.

Kirsten is an interior blogger for Simply Grove and has been featured by
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