How to Easily Clean Fitness Equipment

See how to effectively — and easily — clean 5 common pieces of fitness equipment.

1. Weight Equipment: Stick to a mild dish soap diluted with water or a solution of vinegar and water for wiping down items such as dumbbells, kettle bells and resistance balls. Mix and store your cleaning mixtures in spray bottles for easy cleaning. Avoid cleaners that contain ammonia or alcohol, as they can break down the neoprene and urethane coatings on weight equipment.

2. Yoga Mat: You can also use the dish soap and water solution to help break down skin oils and sweat on yoga mats. If it’s really bad, you can put it in the washer — set it on delicate and use a small amount of very mild detergent. Once it’s clean, hang it to drip dry on a towel rack.

3. Gym Bag: As for your gym bag, keep a separate bag inside for dirty workout clothes and towels. Tuck a dryer sheet inside to keep everything smelling fresh. Wash everything when you get home to avoid a smelly laundry hamper as well.

4. Athletic Shoes: Freshen up your athletic shoes by stuffing them with dryer sheets between workouts, and make sure to use the shoe compartment of your gym bag to keep everything else clean. 

5. DVD player: And don’t forget your DVD player — it plays an important part in your home fitness routine. Clean it out from time to time with a touch of compressed air and dust the exterior.



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