Hidden Space: Make the Most of Hallway and Entryway Storage

Hidden Space: Make the Most of Hallway and Entryway Storage

Use these tips to turn your hallway or entryway into an organized, beautiful and functional space.

There’s just so much stuff – toys and clothes and bags and more – and it seems to be multiplying.

The closets are already filled to the brim, you can’t navigate the basement because of all the junk, and if the garage gets any more full you won’t be able to park your car in it.

The answer? Hallways. You probably overlook them as potential functional spaces. But with a few creative ideas, you can utilize these areas for organization and showcasing your family’s unique personality.

Delightful Doorways
Even small spaces – like doorways and windows – can have significant organizing potential. These eye-catching areas often have ledges or nooks that are perfect for storing and displaying personal items.

  • Install shelves above a doorway or window to display knick-knacks, books and photos
  • Use the windowsill as a mini shelf for storage or display
  • Take your family growth chart to the next level: Apply chalkboard paint or magnetic primer to the moulding on one side of a doorway. Mark off inches and feet with colourful chalk or picture magnets

Tip: Hallways can get a lot of traffic and sometimes the walls can get a little banged up over time. Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove scuff marks from walls and moulding so you don’t have to repaint.

Organize Your Family

  • Move your family’s calendar or activity chart into the hallway. Use it to leave notes, assign chores and check schedules or to-do lists
  • Write on the walls: Use magnetic primer or chalkboard paint to create an on-the-wall message board for your family. Add moulding around the painted surface to create a ledge for holding chalk, markers and pens

Tip: When creating a chalkboard wall, allow two to three days for paint to dry before using.

Wall-to-wall Home Storage Opportunities
Whether it’s a large hallway or a tiny nook, it can be used to organize. If your space is too small for functional furniture, like an armoire or cabinet, try these simple additions:

  • Hang keys on magnets, mount hooks on the wall, or hang a mini organizer for storage solutions right next to the door
  • Install a floating shelf to create space for displaying photos and artwork
  • Add a stand-alone bookcase
  • Storage baskets or bins are perfect for smaller spaces and can complement your home décor. Stay clutter-free with personalized storage baskets for each member of the family
  • Get trophies, certificates, medals and degrees out of boxes and drawers and onto the hallway wall. Show off your family’s accomplishments while freeing up storage space
  • Take advantage of space under the stairs by building cubbyholes for storage of coats, shoes and other items

With a little creativity, you can transform almost any unused space in your house into something functional. How have you adapted your home to fit your family’s organizational needs? Let us know in the comments section below!


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