Fresh Ways to Clean and Organize Your House for Fall Cleaning

Fresh Ways to Clean and Organize Your House for Fall Cleaning


As the weather turns chilly, take time to do some fall cleaning and organize 4 key areas of your home.

Forget spring cleaning — the start of autumn is the ideal time to organize and do some fall cleaning. Here’s our reasoning: As the weather gets cooler and we spend more time indoors, we want our homes to be as clean, comfortable and well-organized as possible, especially before the winter season.

Ready to give your home a seasonal clean sweep? Start by going through each room and following the three R’s: remove, reduce and rearrange.

Clean and Organize Closets and Storage Spaces

First, clean out all of your storage spaces and closets. As you remove items, sort everything into four piles:

  • Stuff to keep
  • Stuff to donate
  • Stuff to dry-clean or repair
  • Stuff to throw away

While your storage spaces and closets are empty, take some time to clean them. Dust shelves and clothing rods with Swiffer 360 Dusters to trap and lock dust and dirt that has built up during the year, and spray Febreze AIR to eliminate musty or stale odours from your closets.

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Clean and Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Clean out each cabinet in your kitchen one by one, working from top to bottom. First, empty all items and place them carefully on the countertop. Then wipe down the empty shelves and keep the doors open so they can air dry before returning items to the cabinets.

Sort through your plates, bowls, cookware and utensils, and decide which items you no longer need or would like to donate. Put them in the “donate” or “trash” piles you already have started.

If your cabinets always feel cluttered or you can’t easily reach certain items, now is the time to add some organizational features. For instance, tiered wire shelving can maximize the space in cabinets, or you can try one of these nine storage ideas for pots and pans.

To clean greasy cabinet doors, wipe them down with a solution made with a few drops of Dawn Ultra Dish Soap in warm water, and a sponge.

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Clean and Organize Bedrooms and Living Spaces

Focus on three key areas for the bedrooms and living spaces in your home: dusting, soft furnishings and floors.

Dusting: Always work from top to bottom. Dust ceiling fans and ceiling corners first (a Swiffer 360 Dusters Super Extender works great for this!), and then move to tabletops and dressers, as well as the knick-knacks or items on or in them. Pair dusting with decluttering — if your bedside table is stacked with old magazines, for instance, find a place to store them or send them to the trash pile.

Soft furnishings: Wash your comforter or duvet, as well as other bedding (including pillows, if they are washable). Either take down and wash your curtains in each room, or spritz them with Febreze FABRIC to remove lingering odours and freshen them up.

Floors: Finally, clean the floors in each room (either vacuuming carpets or cleaning hard floors with a Swiffer WetJet).

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Clean and Organize Your Garage

To thoroughly clean your garage, remove all items and sweep out accumulated dust, dirt and debris. Then assess whether the space could use some creative storage solutions. Could some sturdy shelving help organize tools and home repair items? Could a tall plastic hamper wrangle your kids’ sports equipment? How about some anchored hooks to hang bicycles from the ceiling? Use these tips to help make the most of this often-overlooked space.

When your house is organized, your life will seem more organized, too. Now that you’ve decluttered and cleaned your home for fall, you’ll have more time to enjoy all the activities that come with the season — or maybe just curl up with a good book and a cup of tea on a chilly night.


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