Fresh Ideas on How to Make Laundry More Enjoyable

Enjoy the time you spend doing laundry with these tips.

Clean. Fold. Put away. And next week do it all again.

Laundry holds a permanent place on many people's to-do lists, so why not make it a joy? Check out ways to revel in the sensory experience and make laundry a more enjoyable task on your to-do list!

Consider adding clean, crisp lighting to your laundry room to delight your sense of sight. Try a simple table lamp with a brightly coloured shade.

Hang artwork in your laundry room that makes you happy, recommends Mary Leverette, educator and laundry maven.

"Displaying photographs of your last vacation or your kids' drawings will help make your laundry routine go more quickly," she says.

Embrace the sensory nature of laundry. As you fold, take time to feel the softness of towels, the texture of linens or the smoothness of cottons.

Move a small radio or TV into your laundry room. It'll make the time go by faster, and you can catch up on your favourite TV shows or music, too.

While delighting all of your senses in your laundry room may seem like a strange idea, what’s there from stopping you? No matter what you take away from doing the laundry — if it’s a hassle or the only time you can relax — there are always ways to make it better!


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