Floor Cleaning Tips

Learn to clean all types of flooring and get a free checklist to keep you on track.

Before You Begin

  1. De-Clutter: Before you focus on the floors, clear the area of in-the-way objects. You’ll spend less time later moving things from here to there just to get to the floor underneath.
  2. Dust: Tiny particles may float to the floor as you clean, so save time by dusting first. Start up high and work your way down to prevent dust from re-settling on surfaces you’ve already cleaned.

Common Types of Floors


  1. Begin by clearing all the furniture possible off of the floor
  2. Sweep the laminate area with a soft, dry dust mop to remove any material that may cause scratching. Be sure to sweep along the grain of the flooring to pick up anything in the grooves
  3. Use a mop and hot water or a steam cleaner to remove any built up debris or dirt
  4. If the floor is barely damp, allow it to air dry or wipe the floor with a clean microfiber cloth


  1. Speed up the process by dusting first. Use a dusting agent to pick up dust, dirt, pet hair and anything that may cause scratches
  2. Saturate a mop and wring it until it’s just barely damp to the touch
  3. Mop the floor, avoiding any standing water
  4. Ensure the floor dries completely by running a fan in the room
Carpet: Vacuum your carpets weekly and give them a thorough, deep clean every 12-18 months. It’s best to rent a carpet cleaner or have a professional service to handle the deep cleaning.

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