12 DIY Organization Hacks for Your Bathroom

12 DIY Organization Hacks for Your Bathroom

Use our 12 do-it-yourself tips to organize your bathroom – no matter the size.

Unfortunately, there is no magic wand for getting bathrooms organized and keeping them that way. So while there will always be a little bit of chaos in the bathroom – it is a room we all have to use every day – here are some organization ideas to hopefully keep it a little less chaotic.

Organize Large or Master Bathrooms

  1. Move a bookshelf into the bathroom to allow extra room for mixing decorative accents with everyday, useful items.
  2. Lean a wooden ladder against the wall and attach with brackets. Add wider pieces of wood to the steps for additional shelf space.
  3. Add a travel chest or trunk for a rustic accent piece that doubles as a useful place to store towels and linens.
  4. If space allows, consider incorporating a cushioned storage bench for added comfort.
  5. Repurpose a dresser, and assign a drawer to each family member so they can easily store their bathroom-related belongings.

Organize Small Bathrooms

  1. Create one basket containing items you use every day that can be stored away in a linen closet or under the sink for easy access.
  2. Hang a mirror on the back of the bathroom door or inside the medicine cabinet to create an additional space for more than one person in the bathroom at a time.
  3. Purchase over-the-toilet shelving.

Organization for All Spaces

  1. Use apothecary or Mason jars to store cotton balls and other items. They’re decorative and also show you when supplies are low.
  2. Organize towels by colour, size and type. If you’re crunched for space, store extras in a guest room closet or on a shelf in the linen closet.
  3. If you have an especially busy bathroom, create a family schedule so everyone can use the bathroom in harmony.
  4. Craft a decorative toilet paper holder for your Charmin rolls to add storage and design.

Tip: Once your bathroom is organized, clean it from top to bottom in 30 minutes or less.

Do you have any clever ways to organize your bathroom? Share them in the comments section below! For more bathroom organization ideas, check out 5 DIY Ideas to Help Decorate for a More Enjoyable go.

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