Fighting Mildew: Recharge Your Shower Power

Keep your bathroom cleaner, longer with these organization ideas.

There’s nothing quite like the family bathroom. And if your house is anything like ours, everything from rubber duckies to waterproof pillows and bath crayons can be found tub side.

When my husband gently bumps my ten-year-old aside so he can fix his tie in the morning, that’s about the time when our toddler is splashing away in the bathtub, screeching the song of the day. Sigh.

There’s a lot of fun to be had with the five of us sharing our one full bathroom, but there’s also some frustration (and mess) to be had as well. Especially if we aren’t picking up the shampoo bottles, toys and other tub time collateral that finds its way into the mix.

So it’s no wonder why bathrooms easily become the messiest rooms in the house. And who really wants to get down on bended knee to scrub that mildew-covered corner in need of new caulking?

Keeping the bathroom clean and organized actually pays off. It’s no easy chore (and it’s definitely a chore!), but clean and organized goes a long way. In fact, the corners, nooks and sills where you usually keep all of those bottles and shower accessories are also the places most likely to gather mildew and mould.

Keeping the bathroom cleaner and decluttered means less mess. But, how are we supposed to consistently wrangle toiletries belonging to five people? Here are some ideas to help your family keep the bathroom tidy, and cleaner for longer.

Curtain-less Shower Rod

This is magic. By adding another shower rod, you can instantly create an additional storage and organization space that still allows for circulation and airflow. Here are the steps:

  1. Install a shower rod on the inside wall of your bath. Many shower rods you buy at the store don’t require you to drill holes, but instead expand to fit your tub area. Super simple.
  2. Buy containers that either come with hooks already attached, or ones you can easily attach hooks to. Remember, the shower rod you bought probably came with hooks (or the hooks were available in the same aisle at the store). Be sure you get containers that have slits or holes in the bottom to help drain any excess water that may splash into them.
  3. Organize the containers however you’d like — one per child, or one for soaps and one for toys.
  4. You’ll still periodically want to clean them out, but you’ll potentially — depending on what they’re made of — be able to throw them in the dishwasher. If not, you’ll at least be able to detach them and wash them under the tub faucet, instead of having to point the showerhead in the exact right direction to rinse them off.

Moisture is the Enemy

Hot, steamy showers are the prime ecosystem for mildew, especially if you live in a climate that is always warm and humid. To counteract that:

  • If your bathroom has a fan, turn it on during your shower at leave it on for at least five minutes after you’re done.
  • If it doesn’t have a built-in fan — or if you want to be extra sure — leave the door open or crack a window while you shower or bathe.
  • Don’t leave wet towels on the floor or counter. Hang them up and wash them regularly.

These simple steps will keep your bathroom organized and clean. What tricks do you use? Let us know in the comments.


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