Total Guest Room Cleanout

Total Guest Room Cleanout

Don’t miss a to-do as you prepare for visitors with our three-step method.

If you don’t host overnight visitors often, chances are your guest room has become more of a storage space than a relaxing getaway. Not for long. In these three simple steps, declutter, clean and add welcoming touches to wow guests!

Step 1: Declutter and Clean
Toss or give away items no longer needed. For keepers, organize them in boxes or bins and store them in a basement, attic or closet. With these principles in mind, cut clutter and clean as you go.

  • Clear out drawers: Clean out drawers of nightstands, dressers and desks to remove personal items while making space for guests’ belongings. Wipe the interior of drawers and your furniture’s surfaces with a spray cleaner and use paper towels to wipe up.
  • Check the closet: If you have room elsewhere, relocate clothes or coats during your guests’ visit. Tight on space? Use tiered hangers so you dedicate only a portion of the closet to clothing storage, still providing room for guests to hang garments. Include extra blankets and towels for convenience.
  • Look under the bed: If the guest bed has a dust ruffle, what lies beneath can likely stay. But if you have items poking out, secure them under this space or consider moving them to another location. Remove everything under the bed, and then wipe your items clean. When finished, return stored items to their home.

Step 2: Clean On
At this point, you’re ahead of the game by having cleaned as you organized. But don’t let these to-do’s slip your mind just yet:


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  • Dust: Wrangle dust from the fan, TV, bed frame, furniture, blinds, lamps and light fixtures.
  • Wash: Give bed linens, towels and blankets a refresher by running them through the wash. If you have washable fabric window treatments, toss them in too.
  • Vacuum: When you’re finally done, vacuum carpet or clean hardwood floors. Don’t forget the corners!

Step 3: Finishing Touches
With the room clean and in order, now’s your chance to truly make a lasting impression.

  • Ensure everything works: Check light bulbs, set clocks to the correct time and make sure remotes have fresh batteries. Label the remotes by function so guests have a clear understanding of what controls what.
  • Guest gift basket: In a basket or on a tray, present gifts like handmade coasters, ornaments and homemade candy. Or, go functional with towels, soap, tissues and items much needed for a stay away from home. Want to go the extra mile? Present fresh flowers in a vase.

How do you make guests feel welcome in their home away from home? Share your tips in a comment below!

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I save small shampoo, lotion etc. from hotel stays and place them in an attractive basket along with travel size toothpaste lip balm, etc. just in case my guests have forgotten some of their personal care items at home.

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