Seasonal Décor Storage

Seasonal Décor Storage

Learn to easily, effectively and safely store all your wintry decorations with our tips.


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The holidays are full of seasonal cheer, and that comes with increased clutter. From storing bows to holiday wreaths, we’ll help you give items a home you can easily access for years to come.

Wrapping Station Organization
Organize your collection of paper, gift bags, ribbons and bows within one container. 

Step 1: Locate wrapping paper, bows, gift bags, tissue paper and ribbon to determine how much space the items will require. Measure the length of your longest roll of wrapping paper, and use this dimension to purchase a plastic container of the appropriate height. 

Tip: Use rubber bands, string or hair ties to prevent your rolls of wrapping paper from wrinkling and unrolling inside the container. 

Step 2: Take a sheet of cardboard and cut it to create a divider (lengthwise) through the centre of your container. Lay rolls of wrapping paper on one side of the divider while packing smaller containers filled with bows and tissue paper on the neighbouring side. 

Tip: Store scrap pieces of ribbon by wrapping them around a cardboard paper towel roll and pinning them in place. 

Step 3: Organize bows, tissue paper and reusable wrapping paper by placing each in its own container that can rest in the compartment opposite the wrapping paper. Shoeboxes, shirt boxes and smaller plastic containers all work. 

Tip: Take the guesswork out of searching through your containers by sticking a label on each box, making it simple to find reusable items like bows and tissue paper.

Holiday Lights
Prevent the all-too-common tangling of holiday lights by wrapping them around a leftover cardboard roll of wrapping paper. As another simple option, wrap your lights around a sheet of cardboard—cutting notches into the cardboard to help hold strands in place.

Categorizing ornaments into different boxes: one for delicate glass ball ornaments, one for sentimental family creations and one for non-breakable ornaments.

Tip: Wrap ornaments in tissue paper or newspaper, and use masking tape to secure the paper.

Wreath Storage
Hang your favourite wreaths from a coat hanger, using the loop of each hanger as a hook. Simply drape a sheet of plastic or fabric over the wreath and knot it at the bottom. Using the hook of the coat hanger, hang your wreaths in a closet until next year.

General Organization Tips
Store the heaviest items at the bottom of boxes or containers so they don’t crush more delicate decorations. To utilize the full height of your container, bunch up newspaper between the spaces of these items. Once you’ve created an even layer, stack additional items on top.

Label each container so it’s simple to find, or use different coloured bins for each holiday. Sort items by location so when it’s time to pack or unpack, you can easily bring one container into the room, knowing you have everything you need.

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