Prep Your Home for Fall Inside and Out

Prep Your Home for Fall Inside and Out

Use these 8 tips to prep your house for fall now so you can enjoy the season later.

By: Melissa A. Kay

Use these tips for both inside and outside your home to keep things in order, add some stylish fall-themed touches to your space and get your home ready to for the cooler months ahead.

Indoor Prep
You’ll be spending much more time indoors as the summer days come to an end, so make sure you tailor the indoors to make the seasonal transition as cosy as possible.

1. Change Up the Bedding
Those lightweight summer quilts won’t keep you toasty enough when the weather cools down! Swap out thin blankets for heavier comforters, or double up on quilts. Thicker sheets and pillowcases provide even more comfort.

2. Curtains and Drapes
Swap out your light and airy drapes and summery blinds for thicker curtains and drapes. Not only will this give you an opportunity to add some richer colours and patterns for a more fall-like feel, the heavier material will keep more warmth in the room.

3. Store Summer Clothing
Avoid an overstuffed closet and bursting drawers by storing summer clothing away to make room for warmer clothing. Make sure items are clean and dry before packing them away.

Tip: Regardless of the season, rolling the clothing rather than folding can help prevent wrinkles.


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Plastic bins you can slide under the bed are great for keeping things out of sight.

4. Get Your Heating System Checked Out
Have a professional come by to make sure your heating system is clean, working properly and well ventilated before you actually need to use it. Cover or remove any window air conditioners, too.

Outdoor Prep
The outside of your home is just as important as the inside, even though you’ll likely begin to spend more time indoors. Here are four prep ideas for the exterior.

1. Seal the Deck/Patio
If you have a deck or patio, now’s the time to review how it’s looking before cold rains and snowstorms set in. Check for mould and cracks and get the deck or patio sealed and repaired while the weather is still nice.

2. Caulk and Weather Stripping
As the weather gets chilly, you’ll feel every draft that seeps through your windows. Buy some caulk or weather strips and patch up around the windows. As an added bonus, sealing your windows saves you money on your heating bills!

3. Lawn and Garden
The end of summer is a great time to fertilize the lawn to get it ready for the frosty months head. Depending where you live, you could also plant flowers and veggies that flourish during the cooler months and provide fresh colours and foods in the fall!

4. Cleaning and Storage
There are surely lots of items you’ve been keeping outside during the warm months (patio furniture, sprinklers, pool gear, etc.), so make sure you clean it before storing it away for the season.

Summer is for fun, but this quick prep list will give you the peace of mind that you’ve taken steps to get your family and home prepared for the months ahead. You’ll feel ready and be ahead of the game by getting prepped as the summer days come to an end.

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