Organizing with Tissue Boxes

Organizing with Tissue Boxes

Reuse tissue boxes in fun and functional ways to get organized.

Turn always-present tissue boxes into repurposed organizers. In the spirit of recycling and reusing, don’t throw away these perfectly shaped boxes, use the square shapes to store and organize around the house.

By: Jackie Fogartie

  1. Get your gift wrapping station in order with empty tissue boxes. Remove the tops, or just the plastic openings, and fill with gift bows and sheets of wrapping tissue.

Tip: Organize each box by colour for easy access. You’ll always know what colour bows and tissue you have available with this easy and affordable system.


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  1. Cut tops off tissue boxes and use them to organize office supplies. Paper clips, pens and staples have an easy-to-find home on your desk or in a desk drawer.
  2. Craft areas can easily get out of control. Between glue, stickers and crafting supplies, sometimes finding the right materials can take the bulk of your crafting time! Cut time in half by using tissue boxes to store items.
  3. Stuff a tissue box with plastic shopping bags. Place it in the pantry, a drawer or under the kitchen sink for easy access when packing lunches and on-the-go items.

Tip: The boxes are also great for organizing hair accessories, spare electric cords and makeup.

Quick Decorating Ideas

  • Tissue box designs have come a long way, and are now made with vibrant colours and patterns to go with any room’s decor. Here are a few ways to decorate with them:
  • Frame the cut-out sides of decorative boxes for an easy DIY project.
  • Cut the box into small squares, glue felt to the brown backing, and use as colourful coasters.
  • Use the boxes to create a festive background for a bulletin board.

Jackie Fogartie (also known as Jackie Fo) is a quick-witted gal who loves to plan events – big and small. Whether it’s a beautiful wedding, adorable baby shower or elegant dinner party, Jackie Fogartie Events always have a personal touch. Jackie has written her blog Jackie Fo since 2010 and combines her love of event styling, yummy recipes and all things humorous.

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Great idea! Especially using them for tissue paper like in the picture. We try to recycle as much as possible and as they say, "The best way to recycle is to reuse". Now if I can find ways (other than for storing buttons and such) to reuse my old prescription bottles!

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