3 Ways to Maximize Your Living Space

3 Ways to Maximize Your Living Space

Try these 3 tips to save space and get the most out of every inch of your home.

Whether you’re downsizing from a house to a condo, need a little more space for storage, or simply want to be more efficient with the space you have, use these three tips for maximizing your home space.

1. Transform Your Laundry Area Into an All-Purpose Room

If you find yourself doing more in the laundry area than just washing clothes, you're not alone. Even a modest-sized laundry area can double (or triple) as a sewing room, a workspace for cleaning fruits and veggies from the garden, or a bill-paying center. Start by clearing your space:

  • Use a fold-down ironing board that can be neatly packed away as needed.
  • Take advantage of the space above your washer by mounting shelves for storage.
  • Save floor space by placing drying racks on top of the dryer.

2. Combine the Kitchen and Dining Room
If you find that your family prefers a less formal environment for dinner, or if you tend to eat on the run, you may want to consider building a dining area into your kitchen. By combining the two rooms, you’ll be able turn your dining room into a play room, study or exercise room. Here's how to do it:


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  • Turn the space above wall cabinets into storage areas for seldom-used dinner plates and fine china.
  • Think vertical: A floor-to-ceiling storage bin, with shelving and baskets, can hold many of your most frequently used kitchen items and takes up less floor space than horizontal storage.
  • If a full-size dining-room table is just too big for the dining area, consider one with removable leaves.

3. Build a Home Office in Your Bedroom
If you don't need an entire room to serve as a home office — or are moving to a home without a dedicated office space — but would still like a small area for work-related activities, consider clearing space for a home office in your bedroom.

  • Maximize wall space with shelving or racks for storage.
  • Preserve floor space by using tall, rather than wide, furniture.
  • Use the space under your bed for storage — there’s more room there than you think!

Once you've cleared a space, you'll have room to build a work area. Try one of these suggestions to get started:

  • Buy a small desk or even a kid-sized desk to save floor space.
  • Consider a collapsible table that can be stored in a closet or under your bed.
  • Use storage racks or shelving to help stay organized.

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