How to Store, Organize and Sort Spices

How to Store, Organize and Sort Spices

Explore our easy methods and useful tips for organizing, sorting and storing spices.

How to Store Spices
How you store spices is just as important as where you store them. Follow these simple tips to assure spices won’t lose their potency.

  • Keep them away from exposed light to maintain colour and flavour.
  • Store them far from kitchen appliances that give off heat (stove, microwave, coffee pot and toaster) to help them stay fresh longer.
  • Avoid storing spices near the sink or dishwasher to ensure no moisture gets in.

Tip: If properly stored, spices last up to a year. Keep a chart inside your cabinet door as a helpful reminder of the purchase date to maintain freshness.

How to Organize Spices
Whether you’re short on space or just want to establish order, these ideas make arranging spices simple and functional.


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  • Mount a tiered spice rack on the wall or inside cabinet doors for an easy way to organize and identify them.
  • Thin, round metallic tins with clear lids attached to a magnetic strip add a modern look to the kitchen and makes spices easy to grab.
  • For a decorative look, use small ceramic canisters with corked lids or even small test tubes. The corked lids help seal spices from potential moisture build up.
  • Keep them off your countertops by arranging them in drawers. Label the lids alphabetically so they always have a place.
  • Repurpose baby food jars and paint the lids with chalkboard paint. Glue a magnet on the bottom and attach them to the side of your fridge!

Tip: To check for freshness, use your nose. If a spice has lost its scent, it’s time to replace it.

How to Sort Spices
Instead of just throwing spices in your pantry or spice rack, organize them in one of these creative ways for easier access:

  • Line containers up alphabetically by name.
  • Arrange spices from the most mild to the hottest.
  • Organize them by category of use: spices frequently used in baking go together, cooking go together, etc.
  • Are there spices you use almost every time you cook? Keep those in easy reach and store the rest in a cabinet or pantry.

Do you have any clever ways to sort, store or organize spices? Share them in the comments below!

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My spices are in small bottles from the $ store. I buy in bulk and keep the leftovers with the extras in the pantry (extra ketchup or mayo, etc.)The lid is large enough to stick on its name. Some are in English, others in French. Some I only use in certain recipe with the corresponding language ... I keep them in a half drawer near my stove (no heat from it though) by usage (most to least. I have 64 bottles!

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