How to Reduce and Stay on Top of Pet Messes

How to Reduce and Stay on Top of Pet Messes

Discover how to clean dog urine and other pet messes to prevent stains on your floor.

We all love our pets – but cleaning up after them can be a different story. Whether pet messes are unexpected or part of the daily routine, here are some tips to keep cleanup manageable.

1. Accidents Happen.
When accidents happen on carpet, act quickly with soap and water. Soak up as much of the mess as possible (Bounty Paper Towels are good for this). You may need to repeat this process, especially if the mess has already dried.

On hard floor surfaces, start with paper towels and then use Swiffer WetJet to finish the job – it’s tough on messes but won’t damage your floors. Best of all, Swiffer products are safe for use in households with pets.

2. Shed Happens.
Swiffer Sweeper traps and locks pet hair away on your floors.

You could also consider covering cloth furniture, then pick up any leftover hair with a lint roller.

For any muddy messes tracked in from a solid game of fetch, give Swiffer WetJet a whirl.

Follow these tips and don’t let messes get in the way of enjoying time with your furry buddies.

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