How to Organize 3 Spring Clutter Hotspots

How to Organize 3 Spring Clutter Hotspots

Spring isn’t just for cleaning! Organize clutter buildup with our useful tips.

Take advantage of spring cleaning by organizing these clutter hotspots throughout your home.

1. Paper Buildup
We all tend to keep too much paper, with stacks of newspapers, magazines, mail and bills scattered around. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Decide what’s important to keep and throw away the rest. Shred old bills or receipts. File important papers away.
  • Digitally scan documents to take up less space. Keep files on your computer, on disks or in the cloud.

2. Overflowing Bookshelves
Books are another source of untidiness. They take up lots of space and are magnets for dust. To tame your bookshelves:

  • Keep books you love and ones that reflect your likes.
  • Keep art books and valuable hardback editions.
  • Get rid of paperback books and any book that is not in reasonable condition.
  • Books can be donated to libraries and sold at secondhand stores and yard sales.

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3. Too Many Trinkets, Art Objects and Memorabilia
If your house is brimming with too many trinkets that fall into this category, follow these tips:

  • If the object does not conjure a happy memory, trash it!
  • Consider the condition. If the object is falling apart, it doesn’t need to be taking up space on your mantel. But if you want to keep the memory alive, take a photo of the object. You can look at it later and happily reminisce. 

  • Place a small bowl or basket on a side table by the door for keys and mail. If the container is holding paper, sort through it weekly to keep the piles at bay.

Tip: Find more tips on organizing clutter hotspots here.

With a few techniques to keep your belongings organized, you will help make the task so much simpler for next year.

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