Home Organization for the Holidays

Home Organization for the Holidays

Keep everything running smoothly this holiday season with our organization ideas.

When your home becomes hectic during the holiday season, simple, straightforward organization really comes in handy. Transform your home into a haven for you, your family and your holiday guests with our special, organized touches.

Five Holiday Kitchen Organization Ideas
When everything is in its place, cooking, entertaining and finding what you need is a breeze. Guests help themselves and that helps you!

  1. The right setup: Set up kitchen essentials and holiday plates and platters within easy reach. Put the out-of-season equipment up high or out of the way.
  2. Clean-up: Keep your kitchen in tip-top shape during the holidays by making an effort to immediately clean up after every meal.
  3. Lovely labels: Label kitchen cabinets and drawers so necessary items are always easy to find.
  4. Tags: Attach decorative luggage tags to knobs and handles or print and hang festive hangtags to designate what’s inside.
  5. Dish carts: Transporting dishes back and forth from the dining room to the kitchen can be quite a hassle. Use a rolling cart to function as portable storage for glasses and dishes or as a serving table for drinks and appetizers. When dinner is over, roll the cart back to the kitchen and place dishes in the sink or dishwasher.

Four Holiday Living Room Organization Ideas
Kicking back with family and friends is easy when everything you need is right at your fingertips.


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  1. Prep for winter comfort: Organize and adorn your space with chilly weather in mind. Set out plenty of blankets, throw rugs and warming pillows to set the seasonal vibe.
  2. Clean ahead of time: Attend to cleaning duties that focus on the details, like dusting high-up areas and ornate items, before guests arrive so you can spend more time with friends and family.
  3. Organize essentials: Remove all non-essentials like magazines, mail and toys, from the living room or entertainment area during this time of year so your space feels clean and uncluttered. Place all remotes in a basket or on a tray and label each one with the name of the corresponding device. Don’t forget to set out coasters!
  4. Set out conversation starters: Place a set of photo albums or decorative photo boxes on a coffee table for instant, easy reminiscing.

Four Holiday Bathroom Organization Ideas
Keep basic necessities in plain sight so friends and family don’t need to search around for what they need.

  1. Create the look: Use tips from your favourite hotels and set out rolled towels, soap dispensers, candles and flowers to set a relaxing mood.
  2. Prioritize items: Start by clearing off all bathroom surfaces. Decide which items to toss and what to store away in a closet or drawer based on how often they’re used.
  3. Toilet toppers: Use the top of the toilet tank as a resting spot for a slim basket filled with holiday hand towels, soap, lotion, mouthwash and other everyday needs.
  4. Store the essentials: Keep a basket under the sink and fill it with essentials like extra hand towels, toiletries, air fresheners and toilet paper so you can easily replenish any used-up items.

It’s often the small, simple touches that are most appreciated. Making your home organized and accessible is an easy way to make everyone feel at home for the holidays. Tell us what you do to make guests more comfortable for the holidays below!

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