Free Download: Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Free Download: Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Use our free checklist to stay on top of daily, weekly and monthly kitchen cleaning.

Daily: Routine Cleaning
Get in the habit of regularly cleaning easy-to-see areas. Taking a few moments to tackle highly visible, splatter-prone spots can make all the difference, plus it helps prevent grease and grime buildup on:

Tip: Speed up the process by clearing countertops of pots and pans and small appliances. Not enough cabinet space? Use a hanging pot rack or mobile kitchen cart.

Weekly: All in the Details
At least once a week, turn your attention to small but mighty messes, like greasy fingerprints and appliances such as:


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Tip: As part of your weekly regimen, launder dishtowels and linen napkins. If you find you have more than you need, repurpose them.

Monthly: Complete Kitchen Clean
Every 4-6 weeks, conquer the often-forgotten areas. Look high and low for grease splatters, drips and scuff marks you may have missed during your daily and weekly cleaning. Zone in on:

  • Trim
  • Under the kitchen sink
  • Baseboards
  • Doors and frames
  • Windows

Download the printer-friendly version of this guide here.

Tip: From appliances to floors, get every corner of your kitchen thoroughly clean in less than 30 minutes with our guide.

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