Free Download: Big Game Party Checklist

Free Download: Big Game Party Checklist

Use our free guide to be sure you’re set up to make your big game party a touchdown.

When you’re ready to start planning, download and print our Big Game Party Checklist for easy reference.

2 Weeks Before

  • Finalize your guest list and send invitations. Put handcrafted invites in the mail, or tell friends and family about the party via email
  • Organize your entertainment area. Start by clearing the clutter, centralizing electronics and wrangling wires
  • Plan your menu with our simple recipes for entertaining.

1 Week Before

  • Decide on decor. Try setting the scene with turf table runners and matching coasters — cut circles from artificial turf and cork, and then hot glue them together
  • We also love to label plastic cups with football position tags (quarterback, wide receiver, kicker, etc.) so guests can easily identify their beverages

Tip: Let the competing teams inspire your party. You’ll know who they are after the playoffs and can base your decor decisions on their uniform colours, mascots and cities.

  • Buy decorations and non-perishable foods. While you’re at it, stock up on must-haves like paper plates, napkins, ice and beverages
  • Plan your menu. Consider bite-sized foods that are easy to eat (and less messy)
  • Double check that your television is in working order — you don’t want to miss the winning touchdown pass!

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Week of the Big Game

  • Clean and freshen your home. Focus on furniture and accessories in high traffic areas — think bookshelves, ceiling fans and electronics
  • Shop for fresh food items such as fruit, veggies and bread
  • Transfer frozen ingredients to the refrigerator to thaw

Day Before

  • Re-arrange your furniture, putting the television front and centre
  • Decorate. Set-up football-themed accessories, arranging your pre-made coasters, pennants and other ornaments for maximum fun
  • Arrange activities. At the end of a buffet spread, arrange pens and paper so guests can vote on their favourite commercials, guess the winning score and record the player they predict will perform best. After the game, tally the votes and reward winners with football-themed prizes

Tip: While most will want to enjoy the game, provide extra activities for kids and casual sports fans. Set up an area away from the festivities and bring out board games, playing cards and magazines.

Day of the Game

  • Cook. In a bind? Try some of our quick and easy recipes for a fast snack.
  • Garnish and arrange food just before guests arrive. Put plates before the food and utensils after so guests can fill their plates fumble-free
  • Enjoy the game (and half-time show) — you deserve it!

What’s your favourite football team, and how do they inspire your game-day celebrations?

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