Editor’s Picks: Summer Clean-up Edition

Editor’s Picks: Summer Clean-up Edition

See how to tackle common summer clean-up issues with our editor’s favourite solutions.

Let’s be real, summer’s a blast but it brings its own set of cleaning projects. More time outdoors somehow means more clutter and messes inside. Check out the best ways to declutter and get organized this summer with our favourite projects!

1. Organize a Garage Sale in 3 Steps
Sick of looking at all that junk in your basement and garage? Consider it gone! We rounded up the best methods for pre-sale prep, arranging your goods and pricing so you’re prepared for the big day.

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2. How to Clean 13 Things you Probably Forgot About
Between vacuuming the whole house, cleaning your bathroom and dusting every shelf, it’s no surprise you may have forgotten to tidy a thing or two. Don’t let the microwave, bedding and electronics skip your spring-cleaning checklist this year.


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3. 6 Tips for Cleaning Summer Stains
Summer fun usually lends itself to a unique set of stains. From grass to sweat to ice cream, our tips have got you covered.

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