9 Easy Tips to Organize Toys

9 Easy Tips to Organize Toys

Store and organize recently acquired toys with our nine creative storage ideas.

By: Madeline Glasser

Find a way to organize and maintain a clutter-free home (especially around the holidays). Learn to phase old toys out or repurpose them, use unique organizers and so much more with our nine tips:

1. Planning and Organization: First, establish where you want a majority of the toys to reside. Do you have a designated playroom? Do you want them kept in the children’s bedrooms? Are you short on space to begin with?

2. Employ the Right Tools: Once you figure out what area of the house you’re working with, get down to it.

3. Use Decorative Baskets: One of the best ways to contain the clutter is by using baskets. Baskets are a simple and stylish way to keep toys in a certain area. Tuck them under coffee tables, in cubbies or use them to organize closets. Label the baskets with what toys go in each and make cleanup a breeze!

Tip: Think wire baskets on the wall! Attach wire baskets that would have been used for outdoor planters on the wall and fill them with toys to keep them off the floor.

4. Storage Ottomans: Pick up a few hollow-centred ottomans and store out-of-season toys in them. Not only do they help eliminate clutter, they double as seating.


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5. Under the Bed Roll-aways: Add wheels to old crates and fill them with toys to slide under the bed. Be sure to label the crates with their contents to stay even more organized.

6. Add Shelving: Installing shelves is an easy way to keep toys off the floor. Explore our simple ways to organize shelves.

7. Repurpose a Hanging Shoe Organizer: Hang a shoe organizer on the back of the closet door and fill the compartments with smaller toys. Be sure your little ones can reach to top row before hanging!

8. Minimize Clutter: Store, Keep, Donate or Sell
Periodically, go through all the toys your family currently has. Store toys your older kids have outgrown in plastic bins in the garage or attic to save them for the next child.

When sorting through the toys, organize them by “keep,” “donate,” or “sell” if you’re planning on having a yard sale. For any toys you plan on donating, put them in a box and immediately load the box into your car so you don’t forget about it.

9. Teach Children How to Maintain Toy Organization
Even young children can learn how to put toys away, so start teaching them early on. At the end of the day, make cleaning up the toys part of your “wind down” routine before bedtime.

Do you have creative ways to organize toys around the holidays? Share them in comments section below!

Madeline is the author of Food, Fitness, and Family, a blog where she writes about yummy eats, sweaty workouts and life as a family of three — soon to be four! She is an Army wife dedicated to finding balance between kale and cake pops while raising her growing family.

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