7 Chef’s Secrets Revealed

7 Chef’s Secrets Revealed

Chefs use these cooking secrets behind the scenes, but they can help in your kitchen too!

By: Marina Delio

Cooking can come with a fair share of frustrations, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Implement some of these pearls of wisdom I’ve learned from spending lots of time preparing food to speed up time in the kitchen. With advice for keeping onion eyes away and keeping counters clean, whip through cooking and get to the good part faster!

1. Prevent Onion Eyes
Anyone who has spent time cooking knows the pain of chopping onions — they can literally make you cry! To prevent onion eyes, rub vinegar on your cutting board. Vinegar and salt both work to neutralize the enzymes that make us tear up. Keep onions in the refrigerator too — cold slows down the release of those eye-stinging gasses.

2. Press Garlic In A Snap
Garlic presses often fail do to their jobs as well as we would hope. Instead of the garlic clove coming out the other side of the press in neat minced pieces, it often ends up smashed inside. Press garlic through the prongs of a fork, or rub the clove across the prongs to grate.

Tip: To make even smoother crushed garlic, sprinkle a little sea salt on the clove and rub a knife or the fork back and forth over it. The salt helps break down the garlic.

3. Keep Refrigerators Smelling Fresh
Everyone wants a fridge that smells fresh and clean, but strong odours like cheese can quickly make a refrigerator smell bad. Storing a box of baking soda may help a little, but there are other techniques that work even better. Line salad drawers with newspaper
to absorb odours or add a small bowl of ground coffee for the same effect.

4. Keep Brown Sugar Soft
There’s nothing worse than going to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies and finding your brown sugar has turned into a solid rock. To keep it perfectly soft, stow a few marshmallows with the sugar in a sealed bag. If you’re out of marshmallows, a slice of bread will also do the job.

5. Splatter Control
To avoid splatter when using a hand mixer, insert the tops of the beaters through a paper plate and then into the handle. The plate will catch any splatter, keeping you, the handle and the countertop clean.


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6. Keep Scissors Sharp
Don’t let dull scissors slow you down! Sharpen them by cutting sandpaper. The rough paper will smooth scissor edges right out.

Tip: Use a pair of kitchen scissors to quickly cut through bunches of herbs.

7. Ease Prep Time
The last thing you want to after a long day is to spend time chopping. To make snacking and cooking quick, chop ingredients you know you will use during the week when you have time on the weekend. Cut healthy snacks like cheese, carrots, celery, cucumber and peppers into sack-sized pieces to grab on the go or toss into salads. The key is to store these in an airtight baggie or container to be sure they stay as fresh as possible.

Marina Delio is a wife, mom, and the author of the Yummy Mummy Kitchen cookbook and blog. She loves cooking, gardening, running, photography, and spending time outdoors with her family and their three egg-laying chickens.

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I always keep my onions in the refrigerator. It really works and I never have to worry about crying over my onions. I also use the piece of bread in my brown sugar to keep it soft. Works perfectly.

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Great ideas! My husband, who is also a professional chef, will run his knife blade under cold water before cutting onions. The cold really does help prevent stinging and watery eyes!

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