6 Tips for Creating a Temporary Play Room

6 Tips for Creating a Temporary Play Room

Use our six tips for creating a temporary area that’s perfect for young guests.

By: Tori Grant

The holidays are approaching fast. If you’re hosting, you have to be prepared for a full house. Basements and attics are conventionally not well suited for guests, but they offer privacy and ample space. Use our ideas to transform any out-of-the-way space into a welcoming spot.

1. Go on a Shopping Spree — at Your House
Chances are there are tons of items to reuse in rooms or closets. Have an extra lamp in your room, a chair or side table you don’t use often? Move those items into your space. Even when it comes to rugs or décor, move some from your home to the area to give it a warm, welcoming feel.

Tip: Remember that this is only a temporary guest room: Once the guests are gone, you’ll move it back to its original spot.

2. Add Flair to the Walls
Basement walls can be a challenge. Opt to cover them up by hanging bed sheets or fun colourful fabric to cover the walls. Or, embrace the cinder block look and hang up pictures with sticky strips.


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3. Embellish the Floors
For a more permanent, fresh approach, paint the floor. If you don’t have the time, purchase a few inexpensive rugs or carpet squares to soften the room and offer a cushy alternative to the hard concrete. Even a small rug can go a long way!

4. Change the Mood with Lighting Fixtures
Reuse lamps from your house or purchase inexpensive floor lamps to bring light into dark spaces. Lighting gives the room a nice warm glow and really makes an unfinished area look put together.

5. Borrow from Neighbours or Friends
Maybe you need a futon, sheets or an extra rug. Don’t be afraid to call a friend or neighbour to ask if you can borrow something.

6. Fun for Kids
Remember the age group of the guests that will be in the space and plan accordingly.

  • Set out a bin of toys for smaller guests
  • Create a space just for them by laying out inexpensive carpet squares and a little table
  • Purchase some crayons and print out colouring sheets
  • If you don’t have any toys, ask a friend with kids to borrow toys before guests arrive.

Overall, have fun when putting together your temporary guest or play room, and add your own personality. There is so much potential in an unfinished basement. If you’re suffering a creative block, think of all the details that you love when you are a guest in someone else’s home and recreate them in yours.

Tori Grant is a wife and mother of two boys. Her blog, Lil' Mrs. Tori, is the creative outlet where she shares her latest craft projects and inspirations.

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