3-Step Medicine Cabinet Makeover

3-Step Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Get your medicine cabinet clean and organized for good with our simple 3-step method.

Your medicine cabinet holds basic necessities in one convenient spot, but it’s easily cluttered with small items that don't belong. Whether it’s decluttering or a just a good cleaning, you’ll have the cabinet organized in no time with our 3-step routine.

Step One: Diagnose & Prep
The most common cause of an ailing medicine cabinet is overstuffing. Take items out and separate into piles: One for items that should be in the cabinet, one for things to store elsewhere and another for outdated or unused items to pitch.

Tip: Read old prescription labels to check for disposal instructions, and remove before pitching. Label current bottles with expiration dates for quick-glance ease.

: Don’t toss saved hotel soaps! Tuck them into a guest room gift basket to welcome visitors.

Step Two: Clean
If possible, remove the shelves before cleaning.
Give each shelf and the wall surface a quick wipe to eliminate dirt, hair, crumbs and dried makeup.
Clean the exterior — mirrors, tops and sides. Dust has a habit of collecting in places you don't think to look.

Step Three: Organize
With our tips, it’s simple to put your medicine cabinet back together in an organized (and stylish) way:


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  • Place similar items together — nail clippers with nail polish, shaver with shaving cream.
  • Store items in the cabinet you use on a daily or weekly basis. Keep spare razors, extra soaps and toiletries in a basket under the sink or in the linen closet.
  • If it's a his-and-hers cabinet, divide individual items into sides, or separate items by shelf.
  • Wrangle hair accessories together and store them in a salt shaker or on an empty bath tissue roll, perfect for tucking into a corner.
  • Line the inside of your medicine cabinet with metal sheeting or a coat of magnetic paint, then hang items such as tweezers with magnetic hooks.

Tip: Keep the medicine cabinet tidy by regularly wiping the exterior and top surfaces, then tackle the inside every month or two as part of your cleaning routine.

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I would've never thought about the idea of turning the inside of my medicine cabinet into a magnetic board for hooking small things!

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