3 Bedroom Organization Ideas

3 Bedroom Organization Ideas

Use our 3 storage solutions to organize under the bed, in the closet and over the bed.

1. Under-the-Bed Repurposed Drawers
Spruce up a worn drawer by adding a colourful new front panel, then add wheels to create a smart storage container that saves space and makes organizing easy.

Medium density fibreboard*
Paint, colour(s) of your choice
2 knobs
Wood screws
4 rigid casters

*Tip: Measure the front of your drawer, then take the measurements to your local home improvement store and have them cut the fibreboard to size. For a finished look, get it cut 1 inch bigger than your drawer on all sides.



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  1. Paint fibreboard, then let dry completely. Once dry, attach knobs to the front side
  2. Turn your drawer over, then use a screwdriver to attach one caster to each corner
  3. Screw the finished fibreboard to the front of the drawer. For a clean look, screw it on from the inside of the drawer

Tip: If your drawer has a thin bottom, turn it over and use wood glue to secure a piece of 1-inch wide wood along the width of the drawer, then attach casters.

Tip: Hang an old drawer on any wall to create a cute shelf in seconds. For extra storage, install pieces of sturdy wood as shelves. Or line the back with hooks and hang it by the front door to catch keys and knick-knacks.

2. Effective Side “Tables”
Instead of opting for traditional side tables, use tall, thin bookshelves instead. This not only adds visual interest to you headboards but opens up more space for storing and displaying smaller items.

Tip: Fill the space above your headboard and between the side table shelves with a long, traditional shelf for even more decorative storage.

3. Tackle the Closet
Effectively storing clothes per season frees up space to organize more items in your closet. Organize your clothes, then use our creative tips for organizing your closets.

Do you have an effective way to organize a bedroom? Share it in the comments section below!

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