9 Ways to Organize Winter Accessories

Learn our nine easy ways to keep items together for the entire family this season.

1. Over-the-door Shoe Organizer: Instead of hanging shoes, use a hanging shoe organizer to sort mittens, hats and other winter accessories. You can even get a clear one so you can find what you need with just a glance.

2. Clothespins: Hat and mitten storage can result in missing pieces and mismatched gloves. Keep mittens and gloves in pairs with a clothespin or even large paper clips when not in use.

3. Colour Coding: You can do this however it works for your family, whether that means putting all of the gloves in the blue bin or assigning each family member their own coloured bin.

4. Key Hook: Use a key hook to hang accessories like hats and earmuffs. Consider getting a festive one to double as seasonal décor.

5. Entryway Bench: Add an entryway bench with storage. You can use the storage cabinets underneath for bulkier winter shoes, and it allows you to easily remove shoes right when you come in rather than tracking snow through the house.

6. Repurposed Hanger: Attach clothespins to a hanger to organize scarves and mittens so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

7. Serving Tray: Use a serving tray to catch snow. Find a decorative one and keep it by the door for snow-covered boots and shoes.

8. Upcycled Paint Cans: Remove labels from old paint cans, give them a good cleaning and mount them to the wall as a decorative way to hold accessories.

9. Labels: Give everyone their own space and label it. Keep confusion and lost items at bay by assigning each person their own hat and mitten storage spot so that nobody takes the wrong items by mistake.

How do you keep your winter accessories organized? Share in the comments section below.


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