9 Ways to Organize Pots and Pans

Avoid the avalanche of pots and pans by organizing them in nine clever ways.

Here are nine great ways to organize pots and pans.

1. File Rack: For a 2-in-1 solution, try a desktop file rack with built-in trays. Slip lids between the slats, and slide smaller skillets and baking pans into the trays.

Tip: If you don’t already have a file rack, don’t buy one just yet. Lids slip just as easily into an old dish or plate rack.

2. Cup Hook: Maximize cabinet space by hanging pots and pans vertically from cup hooks. Just be sure to install them far enough apart for your cookware.

3. Pegboard: Keep pots and pans in plain sight, plus just a short reach away, on a pegboard. Paint it your favourite colour, and it doubles as kitchen décor.

4. Tension Rod: Vertically install two parallel rows of tension rods in your cabinets, and slide pot lids (plus baking sheets and cutting boards) between them.

Tip: Have a deep drawer in your kitchen? Horizontally install a tension rod toward the front of it, and rest pot and pan lids there.

5. Trellis: Attach hooks to a leftover wooden trellis to create pots and pans storage with natural appeal. No leftovers? Find a trellis for a bargain at flea markets and thrift stores.

6. Pot Rack: If you lack cabinet and wall space, look up. Suspend a pot rack from the ceiling and hang pots and pans, along with other gear like colanders and box graters, from its hooks.

Tip: Make your own pot rack from a sturdy ladder, or even a bicycle wheel. Use chains or ropes to hang it horizontally from the ceiling, then add S-hooks to the rungs or spokes.

7. Towel Bar: Install a basic towel bar on the back of a cabinet door for holding lids, but don’t stop there. Hang another on an empty kitchen or pantry wall and add S-hooks for instant storage of pots and pans.

8. Wire Shoe Rack: Like a pocketed shoe organizer, an over-the-door shoe rack is for more than just footwear. Most lid handles slide perfectly over the wire prongs, and if any prongs are too wide, you can just snip them in half with wire cutters.

9. Rolling Drawer: Deeper cabinets tend to be more mess-prone; but with a rolling drawer inside, even things in the very back are easy to access. Keep your most-used cookware near the front, and you’ll rarely have to pull the drawer all the way out.

What ways do you organize pots and pans? Share your solutions in the comments section below!



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