7 Tips to Disguise Your Home Gym

Make your home gym blend beautifully with your décor using our seven ideas.

By: Camille Simmons

Let’s face it: Home gyms are never pretty. Even if you have the latest and greatest equipment, it’s likely made of big pieces of stark grey metal and plastic. And then there are weights, mats, exercise balls and all the other little pieces that will inevitably look cluttered. Don’t worry, there are many great ways to organize your home gym to blend it in with the rest of your home. Here are seven ideas to consider when concealing fitness equipment.

1. Create Labelled Bins
This is the easiest and most helpful step you can take in a home gym. Nothing is worse than having to search for a resistance band or weight in the middle of a workout.

First: Lay all the small equipment on the floor and sort by type.

Second: Look at the piles and determine what size bins you’ll need to purchase. Once you have the bins, add labels.

Third: Stack the bins neatly or slide onto shelves with labels facing outward. If you really want them out of sight, put your bins in a closed cabinet.

Tip: Try using opaque bins, since transparent ones have a tendency to look messy.

2. Try Baskets
For oddly shaped or larger items like yoga mats, simply find a basket to place on the floor in a corner. Stand up mats, weighted bars or anything else that’s too tall for a bin inside a woven basket or a basket lined with fabric.

3. Install Cabinets and Shelving
Having at least one cabinet matching your home décor is perfect for storing all your exercise accessories. Simply hang shelves or find a cabinet that matches your furniture.

In addition to hiding storage bins, shelving conceals workout towels, DVD players, a TV or any other electronic equipment used when working out.

Tip: Store medicine balls in a cabinet or on a shelf that’s deep enough. If they don’t fit, place on top of a shelf or in a corner.

4. Organize with Binders and a Calendar
If you have printed workout routines, journals or nutrition guidelines, you’ll need binders to make it easier to locate and keep papers from getting wrinkled or torn. Buy a few binders and dividers for all fitness-related papers and label each based on your needs. Store these in a cabinet or on shelves.

Tip: Keep a wall calendar in the home gym, too, so you can keep workout schedules organized!

5. Install Hooks
Installing a few hooks to the wall or inside a cabinet or closet is perfect for jump ropes, resistance bands or other equipment that can get tangled easily. A nice coat rack is a clever disguise for equipment as well, since it can blend in with the rest of your décor.

6. Opt for a Storage Bench
This is a wonderful option if you don’t have a ton of equipment to hide. Place mats, baskets and bins inside, labelled of course, and no one has to know it’s your home gym. Plus, it’s a perfect resting spot during workouts!

7. Open Space and Personalization
Remember, the ultimate goal is to declutter and beautify a home gym with storage baskets, bins and cabinets while leaving enough open space to work out. Adding a few decorative touches like flowers, plants or pieces of art will blend the gym into the rest of your home.

Do you have any tips for organizing a home gym? Share them in the comments section below!

Camille is a Bay Area-based planning and decorating expert. She is the creator of Planning Pretty, a lifestyle site dedicated to sharing easy, affordable and pretty ideas for everyday living.


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