Tips for Easier Cleaning with Your Furry Friends

Stay on top of pet messes – and spend more time enjoying your furry friends.

Our four-legged friends may create a few more messes in the home than we’d like (or make on our own), but it’s well worth a little extra cleaning to have these companions.

So how do you stay on top of messes to make living with our furry friends a little easier? Here are a few tips to get ahead of the cleanup.

1. Get Them Moving. Well-exercised dogs tend to be more relaxed and fulfilled – and that can translate into a cleaner house. Mellow pooches are less likely to shred that box of tissues or un-stuff the couch cushions. (They’re also less likely to have an accident on the floor.) Plus, when kids walk them, they get exercise too!

2. Get Grooming. Brushing pets is an easy chore for kids and helps with housekeeping. Frequent brushing allows you to better contain shedding and limit where the fur flies – which means less hair all over the place. Find a nice spot where you or the kids can sit comfortably, and store the brushes there for daily use.

Tip: Use a Swiffer on hardwood or tile floors in high traffic areas to help stay on top of hair accumulation.

3. Wipe out Stains. When your pet wets on the carpet, speed is your best weapon against staining. Cover the spot with paper towels, and then a thick layer of newspaper (if possible, place newspaper under the affected area too). Stand on the pile for a minute, then remove and repeat until area is almost dry. Next, clean the area thoroughly with cool water, blotting out as much water as possible with Bounty paper towels

4. Wipe their Paws. Wipe pets’ paws as soon as they come inside to help reduce the amount of dirt tracked into your home. Or fill a shallow plastic container with about 1 inch of water, and place a towel nearby for them to step on after a quick paw wash.

5. Clean Cat Boxes. Dirty litter boxes are the main reason kitties go where they shouldn’t. Boxes should be cleaned daily and topped up with fresh litter. You can also put out an extra box so there’s plenty of room. Take care of this chore yourself rather than delegating to kids.

6. Open the Windows. Air out your home for 10-15 minutes per day (except during extreme weather) to help manage dander, dust and odour in the air.

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