5 Ways to Organize with Clothespins

Use extra clothespins as inexpensive, effective ways to organize most anything.

Somewhere ­– likely in the back of your “miscellaneous” drawer – is a bag of clothespins just waiting to be used. Our five ideas will help transform these inexpensive everyday items into invaluable home-helpers. And be sure to check out our four clothespin decorating ideas, too!

1. Create a Go-to Spot for “Missing Socks”
There’s nothing quite like opening the dryer to find only one sock in the load. Rather than setting them aside (and possibly forgetting them), hang up a line near the dryer and clip missing socks up so you’ll always have them near.

Sure, it might not solve the mystery of where the socks went, but on the days you do find the sock straggler, you’ll be able to reunite the two without having to dig through a hamper or asking yourself where you put the first one!

2. String up Your Mail
A kitchen counter dedicated to mail is inevitable sometimes. If you don’t have cubbies (which you could label with clothespins as well), string up a length of kitchen twine or yarn and use personalized clothespins to clip mail, documents or permission slips!

You don’t have to be a handyperson to hang up a line either! All you need are two hooks – the self-adhesive ones are perfect – to create loops on both ends of your “mail-line” and hang it up. Gravity will keep the line taut once you begin hanging mail.

3. Organize Wires
If you look behind your TV, is it a mess of wires? Not anymore! Write on the broad part of clothespins with a permanent marker and clip like wires together (TV, DVD player, etc.) and take the guesswork out of unplugging and re-plugging.

4. Mark Small Potted Plants
If you have an indoor planter, clip a labelled clothespin along the rim to identify the plant that is growing. Simply write the plant name on the clothespin with a permanent marker and affix it to the pot or planter’s rim.

These mini plant markers are especially effective when you have numerous herbs growing along the kitchen windowsill.

5. Keep Bedding Sets Together
If your linen closet could use a little organization, use clothespins to clip matching sheets and pillowcases together.

Tip: To keep them smelling fresh while stored away, place Bounce dryer sheets in between your linens!

4 Clothespin Decorating Ideas
Transform boring wooden clothespins with these four ideas so you can organize – and add a pop of colour, too!

1. Decoupage: Use extra pieces of scrapbook paper or even wallpaper to give your clothespins a designer look.

2. Dye: Use commercial clothing dye in separate buckets and soak plain clothespins for about 15 minutes for a light, pale colour or up to 30 minutes for a darker, more brilliant hue.

3. Hot Glue and Poms: If you want to add even more appeal to your pins, use hot glue and stick everything from small poms and buttons to googly eyes for a truly creative craft.

4. Paint: Add a touch of décor to clothespins with a few shades of your favourite hues.

Cleanup Tip: Don’t forget the Bounty paper towels for easy post-décor cleanup!

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