5-Step Holiday Light Organization

Avoid the dreaded holiday light rats nest by using our 5-step storage system.
  • Coat hangers provide a tidy solution. Tape one end of the lights at one end of the hanger or, if using a plastic hanger that has notch for lingerie straps, simply tuck it into the notch. Wind the lights around the hanger and secure the plug with a piece of tape.
  • A rectangle of cardboard is another great support for wrapping your lights. Cut a piece of cardboard that will fit easily into your storage box. Cut a notch at one end, insert the end of the strand and wrap the lights around the cardboard. When you reach the end of the strand, cut a second notch and insert the plug.
  • A paper towel roll can also be used as a spool for wrapping lights. As with the cardboard solution described above, cut small notches at opposite ends of the tube. Insert one end in the first notch, wind the lights around the tube, and insert the end of the strand in the second notch.

Step 3. Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags
Whichever wrapping method you choose, it’s a good idea to cushion your lights when packing them to keep them clean and prevent them into banging into each other. You can wrap individual strands in tissue paper or bubble wrap, but plastic grocery bags also work well, particularly if you use several bags per strand.

Step 4: Don’t Forget to Label
If you tend to use a lot of lights in multiple locations – on the roof line, around the door frame, on the tree, etc. — you may want to tape a label on each bag.

Step 5: Box Them Up
Store your lights together in a well-labelled plastic bin or, if you don’t have one, a sturdy cardboard box. Don’t overload the box as it will become too heavy and may crush the lights.


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